Tuesday, July 3, 2012

NRDS Stats for June

A midst great smacking and flaming within allied forums, Mohamad Transporte has once again done us an excellent service in providing kill stats for NRDS in June.

FX-7EM Followup

Entroncas - SNF
A few weeks ago a summery was posted by Entroncas, CEO of Catalina Operations and Logistics Division of Super Nova Federation in the allied leadership forums detailing the events leading up to the sov issues of FX-7EM.  I received permission to retell his version than promptly forgot about it.  So here it is, slightly edited and a week or two late.

"It started around October 2011 when Unity Continuum (the corp that owned sov in FX) started recruiting everyone and everything they saw in front of them int he recruitment channel.  They were advised to be aware of who they recruit due to the problem everyone has had with spies lately.  What we didn't know was that they were planning on deploying an outpost in FX so the recruitment was part of the plan since they needed to get enough people not only to mine but to run security.
It turns out that in a matter of weeks FX became infested with reds since they were losing Hulks, Orcas, and drakes at a stupid rate.  Again we talked to their CEO about the issue since they were dragging our KB down big time and I also noted several times in theCitadel that we were receiving a bad reputation.  We also ran into the issue of most of the people they were recruiting were coming from NBSI alliances so the upholding of NRDS was slow and sloppy and quite a few neutrals were being killed.  We also had respect issues in alliance between UCONT and other SNF members and rumors going around that UCONT were paying off a red entity to leave them alone.
Things continued to get worse as they manged to lose two ratting carriers (despite the use of ratting carriers being forbidden within SNF).  As a result pressure from me and Marco on their CEO to start cleaning their corp started to intensify.  One of their directors, -darkbloompy- made their final mistake.  He deliberately placed a neutral pilot from an NPC corp in K1 and and AFKed for two days.  On the second day he was asked to leave but failed to ever respond to any of our inquiries [Rovern note:  Always respond folks, they will shoot you if you stay quiet and suspicious] so we killed him.  Darkbloompy immediately started to rage in alliance chat how COLDZ [Entroncas' corp] was killing neutrals, etc, etc. and how he would get us reported to CVA.  The worst part of this event was that it was the final straw for one of our prominent directors, -thormadragon- who had gotten tired of the internal drama and BS and left us for Firestar.  The rest is history . . . "
I also need to post a correction about the earlier article on FX, the article made it sound as if TSOE were the initial response but I was informed that SNF and APOC had a combined fleet on the field before TSOE arrived.