Thursday, November 28, 2013

Provi Bloc Notice: Mobile Tractor Units

Do not leave your mobile Tractor Units alone in a system.  MTUs found with the owner not in system will be killed.  This is because they currently loot ANYONE's wrecks and not just cans and wrecks belonging to their owners.  This is, intentional or unintentional, a form of loot stealing.  If you find an unattended MTU do try to contact the owner first before killing it and IF that person is in local please do not kill them.

Hashu Blog: Thump Thump

After disappearing for two months I decided to withdraw from my coalition and alliance positions and stepped down as CEO of Imperial Dreams.  I felt it was not fair to my coalition, alliance, and corporation to hold important positions and responsibility and not be around to fulfill them.  Ironically this move coincided with a major real-life move and job searching time.  Meaning I had a lot of free time and suddenly have become more active in the month of November than I have probably been for all of 2013 prior.  I have refrained from 'reactivating' Provi News as I will likely be starting a new job in December and I didn't want to start again if I am just going to disappear.  So while I may occasionally post some information, please be aware it will likely be sporadic and not as regular as it had been previously.

I also started playing League of Legends this summer and am slowly grinding my way to lvl 30, hopefully will have it by the time season 4 comes out of preseason.  If you want to play a few games I'm on the NA server (Rovern Hashu), send me a friend invite and let me know your eve character and corporation/alliance in the friend request.

Edit: Also . . . Happy Thanksgiving Americans!  May you stuff yourself with Turkey and have peaceful naps while watching the football games and parades today!

Call for Creativity Winner

At the end of October corebloodbrothers from VOLT called for a creativity drive and offered monetary rewards for best poster and best fraps/movie.  While there did not really appear to be any fraps/movie entries we had several pictures.  After a month core picked the winner, submitted by Frostbyte from Yulai Federation.

To see the other entries see the competition thread (sorry, Provibloc members only).