Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Region Concern over SBU incidents

A recent spike in hostile SBU drops in Providence has some senior commanders concerned about possible sov encroachment by third parties.  While often used by hostile forces to provoke fights, the last two SBU drops seem to run counter to conventional wisdom

Monday April 16th saw two separate incidents of hostile SBUs being placed in Providence.  The first incident happened in the North Providence entrance system of G-5EN2 by the 600 man alliance Bringers of Death.  The SBUs were swiftly dispatched by regional security forces (http://kb.cva-eve.org/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=229497http://kb.cva-eve.org/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=229498)  While alone this incident would not spike much interest, the second incident is perceived to be much more serious.

Latter on the 16th the second incident occurred in Catch entrance system D-GTMI, owned by CVA.  This time two SBUs were placed by Gypsie Band.  Both SBUs were killed in under an hour of their placement by a rapid response from local forces (http://kb.cva-eve.org/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=229519http://kb.cva-eve.org/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=229526).  While the exact reasons behind their deployments are unknown, they have been enough to concern senior commanders who are currently establishing contingency plans for worst case scenarios.

Monday, April 16, 2012

More Corporation Removals

On April 13th, CVA Shipyards was removed from the Curatores Veritatis Alliance.  The shipyards was a manufacturing project of returnee Lady Grr which was making an effort to supply officially fitted ships to CVA members. 

On April 15th, Khanid Guard was removed from the Curtores Veritatis Alliance.  In an internal memo to the alliance, Executor Equinox stated 

"As per title, [Khanid Guard] was removed due to complete inactivity and no leadership posting in CVA leaders forum.  If any corps want to pick up their members that are active (if any) than feel free to."

This marks the 3rd corporation removed this month for inactivity and the 4th corporation this year.  These 'corporation' losses were offset by a positive gain in membership by the joining of Deep Space Supplies, previously from Care Factor and Paxton Fed, and Drama Llamas, previously of Phobia.

Sov Welp!

So today, CVA lost sovereignty in QR-K85, owned by our resident hardcore Amarrian corporation Defensores Fidei.  Evidently, awhile back a slave carrying transcripts tripped and fell somewhere in the outpost, scattering documents everywhere including the order to auto-pay the sov bill every month.  Said order was lost and so the setting never went through.  The mistake finally caught up to them, so by missing a bill payment the corporation lost sov.  At this time the TCU has been re-onlined and the slave execu . . . err reprimanded severely.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

CVA Corporation Removed For Inactivty

RENAISSANCES, a French based corporation, was removed from CVA yesterday (4/11/2012) for inactivity after failing to report for the monthly activity update and failing to provide a corporate level api for the killboard.

Friday, April 6, 2012

CVA Drama: Aeon Stolen!?

"CVA corp CEO steals Aeon" read the title of a EVE-O General Discussion thread on Friday . . .
Jondar Valador, CEO of Intergalatic Crossing - CVA, recently kicked a corp member of his, Halted, so that he could steal his aeon as it was kept in a corporation POS.

Needless to say after pushing this towards CVA diplomacy they have consistently ignored it and have not taken appropriate action against a pirate organisation within their own ranks, in fact they have allowed it to continue unrestrained.

This goes directly against all that CVA claims to stand against, indeed it is not the only act which strays from what CVA once believed and followed. The incorporation of Drama Llamas into CVA after a substantial payoff by said corp, having pirated the area "protected" by CVA they simply paid CVAs higher ups and joined CVA.

Has CVA truly fallen this low?

Needless to say I advise against anyone with interests in joining Intergalactic Crossing as their leadership will steal from you if possible.
https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=92389 (Note: Moved to CAOD so you have to log in)

Needless to say our good friend Ospie left out the actual facts behind the incident.  The issue over the Aeon was an unfortunate event over a real life qurral between two friends over a loaned laptop and a debt.  While most of us are not necessarily happy how the issue was handled when you borrow something from someone and refuse to return it, the other person generally will find collateral as is this case.  As mentioned by the CVA executor in this post, CVA will not conduct diplomacy on open forums and all diplomatic issues and incidents should be taken to 'CVA-Diplo" for discussion with a diplomat.  That said, CVA leadership has offered to mediate in this incident to see that each individual's assets are returned.

Yong Pos Assault Interupted

Late Friday evening saw the assault of a medium Tus Network pos by Providence Holders interrupted by a force of 12 PL carriers (7 Archons, 1 Chimera, 4 Thanatos) and a neutral drake cyno.  Providence forces were in the process of killing the tower when a neutral drake opened a cyno in the midst of the fleet.

Holders took six losses including 3 BS, 2 Bcs, and a Logistics,  TUS and friends lost several bcs and frigs and PL lost the cyno drake.  Holders decided to pull back after hostile support had mostly been removed due to the likelyhood that it would be impossible to break carrier reps.  POS is presumed to have been repaired by TUS.