Monday, June 17, 2013

Apocalypse Now Announces The Construction of a New Outpost (68)

Huijgen, CEO of Organized-Chaos announced the construction of a new outpost in X-4WZD today:

Yet again Apocalypse Now. can add another station to its name. This morning we
installed the 4th APOC station, a Gallente Administrative Outpost. With this station
we have a station of each race in a 4 system radius ( including the one in S9X ).
At first we wanted the station to be a suprise to the alliance. Thats why no other
people where put in the loop of this project. But after 1,5 week the info that we where
working on this station was leaked somehow and we came to the conclusion that
people where feeling left out and really wanted to contribute. So we opened the
remainder of the project for donations. After opening for donations it took another
1,5 weeks for the remainder of the materials to be collected. 
 So in the end gathering all materials only took 3 weeks. If you are interrested what 
and how many materials you need to build a Gallente oupost you can press the
following link to see the sheet that I used during the gathering and building of the

After those 3 weeks (and for that he deserves a special thank you) Shockwaves2009
who also build all station parts, assembled and build the station ''egg'.'
 I also want to thank the following corporations for donating several billions worth of Minerals, Pi goods and time. 
 Farstriders - 5er3nity inc - Burning Skies - N.U.R.S.E - PMW POSworks - Center Haus and REFORD an alliance operating out of x-4
Also a special thanks to Sienna and his gang for providing the freighter escort from 
highsec to our pocket. And also to all who helped defending while installing the station.
I hope everyone who visits our pocket, may it be APOC , Coalition or blues enjoys this
station and can make good use of it.
CEO of Organized-Chaos
Alliance Officer


VOLT Constructs Provi's 67th Outpost (67)

On June 6th Fink Operations of the Holder alliance 'The Volition Cult' constructed a Gallente outpost in D-6WS1.  This outpost brings VOLTS outpost count up to five and bringing Providence's regional count up to 67.  Denizens of Providence are encouraged to pay D-GWS1 a visit to see the new "Finko Divine Space Center.

Monday, June 3, 2013

NRDS Kill Stats for May 2013

With Mohamad joining NC. this months stats were put together by Ladel Teravada from CAIN of 4th Fleet.  Some adjustments include a Red for worst and pink for second to worst.