Leonidas Amarri Video Collection

Leonidas Amarr Video Collection

Leonidas is a member of Kiithu Paktu, a member corporation of the Curatores Veritatis Alliance and is one of our more active Eve-Online video creators.  Listed below is a collection of videos released by him.

Eve Online CVA Battle of G-B22J
Potato Flt Vs Nulli Secunda Ishtars
(Leonidas Amarri - Released June 21 2014

Eve Online Battle of Yong 6/9/2014
Provi Potato Vrs Nulli T3 with Capital Support
(Leonidas Amarri - Released June 9, 2014)

CVA Things to Come (May)
(Leonidas Amarri - Released May 28, 2014)

Provistan vs Nulli Bout in R3
Rokh + Support Vrs Drone Horde
(Leonidas Amarri - Released May 28, 2013)

Eve Online, CVA Summer Gifts
April Fight Conglomeration
(Leonidas Amarri - Released May 7, 2013)

Eve Online CVA fight Your Votes don't count in null
Cruiser Fleet Skirmish
(Leonidas Amarri - Released Mar 31, 2013)

Eve Online CVA In Catch
Random Frig Wolfpaxs
(Leonidas Amarri - Released July 18 2012)

CVA Drakes vs AAA Tornado
July 17th Roam Q-U96U
(Leonidas Amarri - Released July 17 2012)

Eve Online CVA vs AAA July
July 7th CVA BC Stain Roam
(Leonidas Amarri - Released July 9 2012)

Eve Online CVA Fights Update
Random Fights
(Leonidas Amarri - Released July 5 2012)
http://kb.cva-eve.org/?a=kill_related&kll_id=237512 (GE-8JV)
http://kb.cva-eve.org/?a=kill_related&kll_id=237490 (3-OKDA)

CVA Eve Online Everyday
Random Fights
(Leonidas AMarri - Released Feb 22 2012)

Eve Online CVA vs AAA Stain/Catch area
Canes Vs Geddons
(Leonidas Amarri - Jan 17 2012)

Eve Online CVA Battle for H6
Hellcat/Geddon vs Drakes
(Leonidas Amarri - January 7 2012)

Eve Online CVA Skirmish
(Leonidas Amarri - November 4 2011)


CVA fights Pandemic Legion. Battle of "1000 Legions under the sea" October 2010
Pulse Abaddons vs Legion Fleet
(Leonidas Amarr Oct 22 2010)

CVA Still Standing 
(Leonidas Amarri - October 2010)

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