Saturday, May 3, 2014

Silent Infinity Response to EveScribe Article

Back in April NC. attacked several CSAA's belonging to Silent Infinity.  Eve Scribe wrote what was for the most part a well written review of what had happened like the vast majority of his eve news posts but towards the end he got a bit speculative.  (Article Here).  Needless to say AFK leadership was furious. After some attempts to get the article taken down or at least the false speculation removed Tasha of AFK has had enough and released this statement on the AFK website:

EVE Scribe Reporter Flees Providence After Reporting Inaccurate Facts
I'm TASHA DIABOLIQUE, CEO of Forging Industries, Providence Sov Holder.
In the early morning hours on April 15th one of my corps CSAA POS in null sec was attacked by Northern Coalition. The attack mail came in with no prior warning, as many of us were either in bed or about to be. CVA's senior FC Dyntheos asked me if I could adjust the strontium timer to peak CVA hours so CVA could help, but the tower was reinforced in minutes giving us no time to adjust said timer by removing some strontium. This is why the tower came out so much later than is normal for CVA fleet times. I checked at that time to make sure the CSAA was in fact empty of all but a tiny bit of temporary raw ore stored and heavy water used to compress it and the POS owners personal effects, and that there was no current job running on the CSAA. It was in fact not doing anything as intended.
Here are screenshots of what was actually in the CSAA, it was certainly a nice kill, but nothing showing a titan being manufactured or intent for one, only personal use:
The use of CSAA in Silent Infinity space is not only allowed but openly encouraged, unless you are actually building anything with it. If you compare the storage space of 155mil m3 on this item to that of a regular Corporate Hangar Array, its not hard to see why miners would prefer it for large quantities of raw ore. For corps with only one or two Rorquals pilots who prefer to compress on the weekends or for individuals, the extra storage is very handy throughout the week to keep the miners busy instead of worrying about full hangars.
So what was said by Eve Scribe?
"However, contrary to these official responses, a claim was raised that the Capital Ship Assembly Array in question was not, in fact, lying idle until the moment of its destruction, but was actually in the process of producing an unknown ship, either a Mothership or Titan class ship. An information leak allowed the owners of the Tower to empty the Capital Ship Assembly Array well before the time of the attack, thus saving the materials from being lost.
Further more, it has been speculated that the ship in production was not intended for a pilot who is a part of the Providence Bloc, but a client outside the coalition, possibly either from the CFC or a former member alliance of the RUS Coalition. This theory can be given credence by the fact that there is little to no use for this class of ships by members of the Providence Bloc, nor readily available capital to purchase one easily."
Because these remarks are very inaccurate I asked the reporter to edit them out to include the truth, which he refused because he believes the claims from the enemies interviewed over the actual facts that have been told to him by myself, and my capital manager Nero Draconian. He interviewed Nero Draconian for the article, but threw out all his comments giving him two lines of text compared the the enemies twelve lines of speculation. He gave me the option of denying the allegations but given how he's already slanted things I prefer to do that through long time trusted sites. The simple matter of the fact is we do not support nor were we building anything for the CFC.
I mentioned that if he did not write the unbiased truth about what happened I would file a KOS to get CVA diplos involved, so the reporter who printed these false rumors immediately packed his things and fled Providence. He threatened to write another inflammatory article as you can see in excerpts of his mail below. He refused to talk to me about the misinformation personally, and asked to hide behind his CEO. I wrote his CEO to let him know that the KOS filing would not be to actually shoot them but the let CVA's diplos get involved, but the fear of CVA is evidently enough to send this journalist running for the hills. -------------------------------- Link to original article: -------------------------------- From: Salivan Harddin
Sent: 2014.05.01 11:44
As I stated to oakey1, I have zero interest in protecting the sovereignty of Providence at this date, due to repeated abuse by a few of the sovereignty holders. I am human, and have a moderate tolerance, but things have reached a point which made me basically quit the game for a whole week, something that I wouldn't have dreamt off just a few weeks ago. I evaccuated non essential ships from Providence and will continue to report the news, but I will only be fighting to protect the sovereignty of friendly sov holders only Alliance's that showed respect to me both on a professional and individual level.
Should a KOS request be filed against me, even if it is unsuccessful, I have informed oakey1 that I will be forced to report it on the EVE Scribe, and use whatever contacts in my disposal to get a wide print for the story "Silent Infinity Alliance Tries to Silence EVE Scribe Reporter". I admit that I have very few tools to retaliate, but I will report the truth, as it is revealed to me, and from my own experience if must be.
I can say whatever I want, I can write whatever I wish, but I have always, ALWAYS abided by the highest laws of Journalistic Ethics, even going head to head with EN24 and TMC writers. This is because I value truth above everything else, and will report anything of interest, so long as it does not hurt any individual or organization. However, I have been at times called to breach those same laws in order to dispel propoganda and give a fair and balanced review of matters. I weighed the value of the story against the harm that could come of it, and found that public interest was more compelling than AFK's good name. If called to do the same choice again, I would not hesitate to stick with it, regardless of the consequences.
The matter, as it stands, is closed. Do not contact me in the future, all communications between us should be done by third parties.
Salivan Harddin
The EVE Scribe

OP: Apart from this article on the AFK CSAA Salivan has  been doing an excellent job reporting events out of Providence.  While this incident certainly tarnishes him in my eyes I appreciate the work hes done for Providence and continue to read his news reports. ~Hashu