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Merry Christmas Providence!

While it is still Christmas Eve for me, people are starting to slip into Christmas so from CVA to all of you . . .

Image Curtusy of Hexentanz and TETIC of CVA

(61) Basilica of Maxentius Finishes Completion Ahead of Schedule

The Amarr Outpost "Basilica of Maxentius" was opened for business on December 20th, 2012.  Several days ahead of the previously announced schedule.  Tasha Diabolique of Silent Infinity made a press release

Silent Infinity [AFK] is pleased to announce the birth of our latest factory outpost in H-GKI6.  This Amarr Manufacturing facility has an upgradeable number of build slots with fitting, factory, cloning, and repair basic services.  
This outpost is named after the historical Basilica of Maxentius in Rome which was the largest building in the Roman Forum using the most advanced engineering characteristics.
Many thanks to the following who made this possible:
  • Magic Crisp the builder of the facility, his director Aeryn Zarniwoop, and his corporation Amarrian Micro Devices [-AMD-], who obviously enjoys building the tiniest of EVE’s devices.  Amarrian Micro Devices members who hauled slaves (yes slaves) for the glory of the Amarrian empire to complete the build.  This third outpost build project completion was temporarily named “Another Micro Device” at birth.

  • Knights Introna, CEO of Space Underground [SUPNY] the corporation that fully funded this project and retains ownership of the outpost.

  • Our friends and allies in CVA for the support given to us to aid in our growth and development.

  • Veldspar miners all over Providence and Domain.

Moons are freely available to blues with advance permission.  Neutrals must apply to be blue before consideration.  Please contact Raely, executor of Silent Infinity [AFK] about moon availability and standings by evemail with your request.

Magic Crisp also had several comments on the completed outpost...

This one went well, no messing up, no adventures, apart from sneaking freighters through KBP with reds, all around a good job.
With the completion of this outpost, 61 of Providence's 84 systems now have outposts.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Deus Fides Empire Service Award YC114 ceremony

Deus Fides Empire Service Award YC114 ceremony
The Deus Fides Empire Corporation

The Deus Fides Empire Service Award Ceremony will be officiated today by Lady Helena Aqua caerule CEO of Deus Fides Empire and Head of the House Aqua caerule .
The Deus Fides Empire Service Award is meant to show appreciation by the Corporation to the Pilots who have helped deliver over 1000 kills, quality service and who can be exemplified by all others in the ministry, the alliance, the NRDS coalition, as well as the common person on the street in any city on any planet in Amarrian Providence.

A total of 65 pilots of the Deus Fides Empire: all faithful servants of the Empress, the Empire, and God, will receive this award today. Three of the pilots Eddie Metal, HeadwarP, and Darus Thorn, have also received cash prizes totaling to three hundred million isk. This is of course for being on the 1000th killmail for the corporation.
Captain Rorin Cutter will in his speech, urge the DFE. staff to think outside the box, to be creative and innovative and to strengthen their skills through continuous learning and knowledge as well as continually honing the fighting ability that this corporation shows all so well every single day. This in turn will help transform the service to Amarrian goals and achieving of Deus Fides Empire ultimate goal of becoming a corporation of warriors, priests as well as industry pilots together and working to Gods will, into a glorious reality. He will also emphasize on the aspects of discipline and integrity, a quality that each and every pilot must possess in order to determine the success of this great organization.

Deus Fides Empire,
Northern Providence Seminary, QR-K85 III
16 December YC114
We at Provi News wish to congragulate the DFE Service Award recipents for YC114!
Initial announcement made in Providence Zone, the Citadel Forums by Rorin Cutter. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 10th Report

December 10th saw several important engagements across Providence and Lower Domain.

A Hellcat fleet was formed to assault the Tribal NEO moon in Ziriert but ran into problems forming up when the staging system in Providence was camped by a 100 man HBC Sniper Oracle fleet.  After some maneuvering the HBC fleet was lured over to i7s, allowing the fleet to fully form back in d-gtmi.  Using cruiser tackle, the Hellcat fleet than manged to engage the oracles in I7S.  After skirmishing the Oracles pulled out and were pipebombed by an unrelated RnK fleet a few jumps latter.

After the I7S engagement the Hellcat fleet moved on to its primary mission, the Tribal Neo POS in Ziriert.  While the POS was destroyed several of the modules became bugged, retaining their 99% resists that they receive in reinforcement mode even with he tower itself destroyed.  This forced the fleet to sit in Ziriert for over an hour, waiting for CCP GMs to fix the issue so that 4th could erect their own POS.  During this time Fleet Command was handed off to another FC.

Beyond this point the information I personally have is a bit sketchy.  For some reason the Hellcat fleet was titan bridged to 9uy were they engaged a PL Rohk fleet.  Out gunned and outmaneuvered, PL manage to severely cripple the Providence Hellcat fleet who were forced to withdraw.

I7S Killreport:
RnK Pipebomb in G7 Report:

Ziriert Kill Report:

9UY Killreport:

Information on first two fights provided by internal BR by Ladel Teravada from 4th District

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hashu Blog: EN24 Rebutal

On December 7th Riverini released a poorly investigated 'the sky is crumbling' piece on CVA quoting two FC farewell speaches and a short bit from this site.  While I'm sure his intent was 'informative to the general public' in nature his three sentence analysis were far flung and misleading.

CVA/Providence Coalition has lost its lead FC’s (EU TZ Hidetoshi Rushd and US TZ Tyrus Tenebros) in a period of a month due to internal drama. With these two instigators gone, CVA is crumbling.   ~ Riverini, EN24

 First and most important to understand is the loss of Tyrus was a radically different and probably much deeper loss to CVA and the region.  Tyrus has been a CVA member for over four and a half years and was the driving factor in the rebuilding of the Celestial Janissaries after the 'disappearance' of its CEO, Lonewolfnight.  He has been instrumental over the last year in getting some organization set up during the US TZ on the part of CVA who have since their inception been a heavy EU tz alliance.  His and the loss of Rory, another active US TZ CJ FC as well as Garreck, famous for the development of 'in action' roleplay and as the first non-ammarian character to become a member of CVA.  These are not new people brushing up against 'old guard' as some would like people to believe, but they themselves are old guard looking for a different pasture after numerous years.

A lot can be said about Hidetoshi leaving.  As a bloc level FC with experience he was most definitely a important FC to the coalition.  He helped develop an independent reimbursement program and along with Danny John-Peter and the 'old guard FC's" that people like to blame helped refine todays fleet doctrines.  However, Hidetoshi struggled with not being 'incharge' and when the one or two people who could overrule him in strategic decisions did or when he was internally criticized by people other than himself he would cause problems (Which honestly fits right in with the other CVA FCs).  The final straw for Hidetoshi was an internal rebutal for trying to pick a fight with a powerful third entity when PL/TEST activity was rapidly rising and he was told no.

The loss of both FCs is felt, both by CVA and the powerbloc at large.  However these events are no evidence of a failscade or a crumbling of the Alliance.  CVA has been around since November of 2004, with over 8 years of history we have gone through many cycles and many staffing losses over the years.  Policies have changed, faces have changed, enemies have changed, but CVA has continued to survive and while not always in the best manner, has continued to adapt to the environment around it.  Already several individuals, some new faces, others old, have stepped up to fill in the holes left by our departing friends.  The sky is not falling, the world is not crumbling, things are simply evolving.

~ Rovern Hashu, Imperial Dreams CEO, Curatores Veritatis Alliance

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Good Bye Tyrus Tenebros

Early this morning, Tyrus Tenebros, a major US TZ FC from CVA announced his planned withdrawal from Celestial Jannisaries and CVA in the Holder section of theCitadel Forums.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
 It is with some reservation that I announce that I will be leaving Curatores Veritatis Alliance and the providence region to move on to an organization in Syndicate.
After the New Eden Open, I have decided to join Stimulus in Rote Kapelle.  Some of the veterans of this region may recognize them as historic enemies of CVA, but at current they are far from our AO and have respect for our more well known fighters.  They are dedicated and highly skilled PvPers and I look forward to causing havoc with them. [...]

The loss of Tyrus as the senior CVA US timezone FC levels a serious blow on CVA US timezone activities   What his loss will mean for the attempted rebuilding of Celestial Jannisaries after the withdrawal of Lonewolfnight remains to be seen.  Current rumors also have several other prominent US timezone CVA and CJ members following with Tyrus including Garreck (AMDEF/TLOS) and Rory Pruzis (CJ) but this has yet to be confirmed.

We, the Hashu Family, wish Tyrus and those leaving the best of luck with their future Eve-Online endeavors    You guys will be sorely missed.

November Reviewed: Increased HBC Activity in Providence

The last several weeks has seen a lot of excitement, action, and bruised nerves as South Providence has seen a heightened presence of HBC activity.

Things started at the beginning of November with several attempts by Tribal and friends to hit 4th Districts Neo moon in Ziriert.  The first initial assaults were defeated by Providence Coalitions in for the most part overwhelming wins but the tide turned when HBC jumped the repair fleet after the last Tribal hit on November 18th, destroying the POS and replacing it with a Tribe one.  Providence forces began pinging and incapping modules over the next few days before reinforcing the POS.  The POS came out in late US tz on the 23rd and when Providence only managed to turn up with 40-50 man fleet, they decided to try to skirmish with naga's instead of using a heavy doctrine to face the 150+ HBC man fleet.

After a bit of roundabout smacking and shitposting by various affiliated and unaffiliated individuals on the Kugutsumen forums, Providence rudely awakened a few days latter to a PL tower in the TETIC system of FSW.

On November 29th PL SBUed FSW resulting in the loss of two PL carriers and several thrashers.  On December 3rd PL once again SBUed FSW resulting in a BC flight between several Provi BC fleets and a HBC drake fleet.  The SBUs (the PL ones and the CVA ninja'ed SBU) were all destroyed.

On top of the hostile POS and SBUing several CVA jumpbridges have been incapped several times by PL supercapitals.  While the disruption to travel in Providence has been for the most part fairly minor, it is cause for concern as PL supercapital activity in Providence continues to grow.

As of right now Residents are advised to be wary of moving expensive cargo and ships through the jumpbridge networks and to utilize intel channels heavily when they do to avoid unnecessary losses.

Killboard Links:

4th Tower Loss (Note battlereport is messy as its combining the tribal fight with the HBC hit an hour latter)

Nov 29th FSW SBU Fight

Dec 3rd FSW SBU Fight

Monday, November 19, 2012

Hashu Blog: Old Guard?

Recently Boopa on Kugutsmen made a comment about 'Old Guard' FCs within CVA.

Hidetoshi wanted to bring CVA into 2012. He wasn't the best FC in the game or even top-tier, however, he was better than anything else the coalition has sitting around. The old guard FC's (who collectively call themselves the Warhawk Generals, FFS) kept talking shit to him and trying to undercut his initiatives. He got frustrated and left. So now we're left with old dogs like Wildcard Trek and Sollana, who are both garbage as people and FC's.

Not a failcascade, but not a positive development either. (

As a member of Imperial Dreams, and CVA for almost five and a half years, I found this comment really amusing.  Why?  Because every single FC that he was talking about who had anything to do with the subject at hand had been members of CVA for a max of perhaps two years.  Infact our current FC manager has only been a part of CVA for a year and a half.  Yes I realize in most alliances that longevity would be considered Old Guard.  But for an alliance that has existed since the dawn of Alliances, whats a couple years?

So how do I break down "CVA" ' s Old Guard?  Well I tend to break it down into Old/Middle/New Guards'.  In fact I could probably break each of those into a High and Low if I wanted too.  Each 'breakdown,' I feel, has a distinct difference in expectations from the individuals who joined during those eras and in their views on what "CVA" is all about.

Old Guard
CVA Old Guard is ancient and archaic.  The 'Old Guard' has historically been used to refer to members of CVA who joined prior to the fall of 9UY and the successful reclaiming of Providence.  These folks were hardline amarrian loyalists.  Their priorities were for the empire and the expanding of Holy Amarr.  Within this catagory you could also split into High Old Guard and Low Old Guard.  High Old Guard can refer to members who joined while the alliance was still restricted to Ammarian characters while Low Old Guard can refer to members who joined after that restriction was listed.  (I believe Garreck and AMDEF would be the first group of "Low Old Guard").

Middle Guard
Middle Guard is the group that I as an individual relate to.  To me this generally refers to any one individual or group that joined CVA between the Fall of 9uy and the loss of Providence to the Southern Coalition.  I can break the Middle Guard into a High and Low grouping as well.  In this case the difference is less of a specific time and more split along the lines of attitude and values.  High Middle Guard are individuals and groups who for the most part joined CVA fairly close to the fall of 9uy (I joined Imperial Dreams the week after 9uy fell for example).  During this time most new individuals still held fairly strong amarrian loyalists values and tendencies.  Golden Fleets meant something, and we had little to worry about politically coming from other Null Sec groups as we had a strong connection to IAC and Sylph on our Catch Border.  While High Middle Guard were loyalist and still Amarrian focused.  The Low Middle Guard can be viewed as more Null-Sec and NRDS focused.  During this time the emphasis of new members slowly shifted from being amarrians to being NRDS pushers.  New groups were also less "loyalist" orientated and much more 0.0 focused.

New Guard
In my eyes the 'New Guard' are for the most part individuals and corporations that joined during the Squatter Wars and after the Reconquista of Providence.  With perhaps two exceptions on a corporation level, new corporations have nearly nothing to do with being amarrian loyalists nor do they have any interst.  New Guard tend to be completely Null-Sec orientated, many even bemoaning Fleet Ops that happen in low-sec.

There really is less of a reason or difference amongst 'new guard' groups to separate into a high/low group at this point but as time goes on and 'new new guards' form bemoaning 'old guards' who are themselves fairly new, differences will be sure to emerge.

In conclusion, the folks who bemoan the 'old guard' today really are just complaining about the previous group that came before them, who themselves likely complained about 'the old guard.'
Most people who would be old guard according to my definitions stopped played or have removed themselves from positions of power years ago.  The current power structure of CVA is for the most part in the hands of 'Middle' Guard and 'New' Guard individuals.  However despite that there is still the ever-present feeling of 'the old guard' looking over your shoulder and keeping you in line and I recognize for newer groups who come into the 'system' this can be very uncomfortable.  The best advice I can give you is just stick with it, even if you bump heads, eventually someone newer will come along and they will likely have the same opinions of you.

Monday, November 12, 2012

CVA wishes two of its own the best of Luck as they move on.

This week saw two prominent CVA FC's move on.

Danny John-Peter
Danny John-Peter of The Legion of Spoon announced earlier this week that his Thursday TWEEED fleet would be his last fleet as a member of CVA.  Danny is taking a break in Sebiestor Tribe before joining a wormhole corporation with some friends.  We wish Danny the best of luck with his new carebearing career in unknown space.  As a FC and member of CVA Danny was instrumental in helping organize our fittings section on theCitadel forums and keeping doctrine information up to date for the alliance and the region as a whole.

Hidetoshi Rushd
On Saturday Hidetoshi Rushd of Pentag Blade announced that his Fast n Furious fleet would be his last fleet.  Hidetoshi is leaving us for 4S corporation in Razor Alliance.  Hidetoshi has been an extremely active and energetic FC who helped with the formation and running of the regional Reimbursement program that was run with Phineas Freak of TETIC.  He also was a major factor in the creation and development of fittings and doctrines that the region has adopted. We wish Hidetoshi best of luck with his new path.

These two will greatly be missed as they made major contributions to the region and we thank both of them for the time they gave us.

4th District POS Defended!

Several hours after Downtime this morning Tribal Band made an attempt at a 4th district POS in Ziriert.  While the defense fight was a bit messy at first due to provibloc logistics orbiting in and out of pos shields, disrupting reps and cap chains, reps finally stabilized allowing the Providence Abbaddon fleet to wreck havoc on the Tribal Armageddon fleet assaulting the POS.

Fraps by Nyoris from Firestar Inc. of Curatores Veritatis Alliance

Fraps by Sandra Voi of Humantarget of Curatores Veritatis Alliance

Losses Value wise were roughly equal isk wise while kills/deaths was nearly two to one in favor of Providence Holders.


IG Mini-Campaign

At the beginning of November a member of Imperial Dreams had his alt-corps low-sec miner POS attacked by local pirates Impending Judgement and Axiomatic Dominion.  After repairing the POS with a Welpest fleet on stand-bye Providence Holders went to issue punishment, only to find the Impending Judgement cobalt POS already reinforced (It was latter confirmed to have been reinforced by another local KOS group).   Upset at not being able to reinforce the POS, we settled for returning when it came out and made sure it was destroyed (  Impending Judgement quickly replaced their small tower with a large Minmatar Tower.  This was found unacceptable and promptly reinforced by a large hellcat fleet supporting a capital wing.  While the timer was not good, Providence Holder forces were successful in destroying the tower (  The capstone to this mini-revenge campaign in the end was not a result of Imperial Dreams but of our friends who were baiting in Gemodi.  While the bait carrier was lost Friendly forces were successful in destroying a Moros class dreadnought (

Altogether over the past week Impending Judgement and Axiomatic Dominion received 4-5 Billion isk, mostly as the result of a response for the assault on IG's alt corp.

Imperial Dreams would like to thank the Provi Holders and allies who helped in the reinforcement fleets and in the POS kill fleets.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Standing Slot Petition

Yulai Federation have started a forum petition requesting CCP to increase the standings limit from 2600 which it is currently at to 10,000.  Currently the ProviBloc Kos list is over 2600 and we have had quite a few instances of KOS individuals and corporations not being set red because we simply have no standings slots available for them.  CVA is well known for being very  hesitant to grant blue status to anyone for specifically this issue.

Don't believe me when I say how long our standings list is?  Check out a snapshot of our standing list on eveskunk, dated from October 16th.

Umiea from Yulai Guard 1st Fleet is requesting that people respond to the thread supporting the request.  For those who are lazy the following is provided for you to copy paste:

CCP please could you help us, we really need you to accept this.
It becomes urgent as we can't set up any other standing tag.
Please forward this thread to the concern person. " developers / directors "
That would be a very nice Xmas gift.
We really thank you for your consideration.

In Response to the Mittani

In the article 'What's Going on Down South?" by Baghei posted on TheMittani, several comments were made involving CVA and the Provi Bloc.

Meanwhile, TEST’s Montolio and diplomatic team were hard at work making sure that -A- could not easily escape North through CVA space by conducting secret negotiations that led to CVA being promised ¼ of Catch to box in –A-.

In response Equinox Daedalus released an internal memo and a comment on theMittani denying these comments.

Well being as I'm the XO of cva its news to me : ).

TLDR - only merits/convo's with people in test as far as i'm aware were in regards to retaining our agreements with regards to "new" next door neighbors along the same lines we had with -A-.

CVA as an alliance strives to maintain our NRDS tenants as well as our goal of Operation Deliverance in providence, be it through diplomatic means or force if needed.

I'd assume if we had some sort of arrangement to drive -A- out of catch TEST and their associates wouldn't be removing CVA assets from providence on a regular basis that would only make it more difficult for us to do any task along those lines.

The Provi bloc runs a rather strict policy of neutrality in all major conflicts of New Eden.  While we are not above working with KOS entities for individual incidents (Goons Vrs -A- Dreads in HED, Goons vrs Tri in 09, IT vrs Provi Squatters, etc.) we try very hard to stay out of larger conflicts and to provide a place for people to fly and live without getting involved.

The agreement referenced but Equinox was a no-sov warfare agreement which was limited to not dropping SBUs and assaulting sov structures such as TCUs, IHUBs, and outposts.  Generally JB infrastructure was also not touched although there was an incident or two involving cyno jammers.

Monday, November 5, 2012

D-GTMI JB lost to HBC Bait Attack

Elements of the HBC reinforced the D-GTMI jumpbridge this weekend in an effort to prompt a fight.  Alas the timer of the jumpbridge POS ended up latter than ideal.  Regardless ProviBloc geared up to attempt to defend the POS with the key handicap intention of denying capital kills.  ProviBloc formed a 110 man Naga/Nado fleet with around 10 logistics.

HBC deployed over 150 (including 7 dreads and 2 supercaps for the POS kill) men including a Rail Rohk Fleet and a Geddon fleet.  While Provibloc attempted to skirmish the firepower and size of the HBC fleet was too great and ProviBloc was forced to withdraw and seed the field, resulting in the loss of the Caldari POS and jumpbridge.

CVA and ProviBloc elements thanks those who were involved and notes those who didn't show up for a bloc wide CTA.


(Video from a HBC pilot POV)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Oracle Videos

I've got two Banana Videos, both Oracle fights between Provi Bloc forces and HBC groups for ya'll today.

The First Video was created by Maximille Biagge from TETIC [CVA] and covers this battle from October 29th in 4B-NQN

The Second Video, created by Star Cloud from FROG [RIBIT], covers this battle from November 3rd in SV5-8N

Trouble in Voltland?

As many are aware, there was a bit of excitement last week in North Providence.  Last weekend, Snigwaffe reinforced a CSAA pos in the Volition Cult's system of SI-I89, prompting several days of CTAs, counter sieges, and fights.

The inital fight on the 28th saw the POS being reinforced with a rather evenish subcapital fight (

On the 29th a neutral staging POS that provibloc had reinforced came out of Ref and was very quickly dismantled by a major Provibloc CTA (

Things came to a finale on the 30th when the CSAA came out.  Around 15:00 another staging Pos was destroyed (  Provi forces locked down the system with the newly installed cynojammer and a heavily bubbled entrance.  However hostiles brought a signficantly larger force.  With 150-170 hostile Fox-cat fleet using massed logis instead of triage carriers, they quickly forced the Provibloc fleet off the field and destroyed the csaa pos.  What was actually in build changes depending on the rumor one hears.  While a nyx bpc was reported to have been dropped by the csaa the report from the owners (that I am aware of) was that the supercarrier in build was a wyvern.  Regardless the loss was felt by the owners and our sympathies go out the the owner.

Despite the loss of the CSAA good fights were had.  The Volition Cult extends it's thanks to all those who helped participate in the attempted defense.

Hi guys. I just wanted to pass on my thanks for your support of  VC and VOLT in SI on Tuesday. Your effort and losses were appreciated by all. Good to know we have friends who will try to help even though the enemy can be overwhelming.  It will be an honour to fly with you all in the future.
~Goggles Deudigren, Volition Cult, The Volition Cult, TheCitadel Forums:Allied Discussion 

More importantly, those who failed to show up have been noted.

Edit Note: Thank you to the anon commenter who correct my mistake, hostiles were in foxcats, not slowcats (slow cats = sentry carriers foxcats= navy apocs).  Too many cats I say!

Hashu Blog: Burn Out/Tanks/Outside Eve?

So some of you may have noticed my disappearance lately.  Fear not I still am here, just suffering from a bit of burn out that I tend to go through rather regularly these days.  This latest bit started at the beginning of October and came into full force during the last two weeks.  As a few personal friends and corp mates may know, i'm a bit of a anime fiend so I can often disappear for a few days to marathon a show (or catch up on airing stuff).  Alas October was the beginning of the Autumn 2012 airing season and this year its loaded with good titles (always willing to talk about anime if anyone is interested, just hit me up in-game).  One of the shows, Girls und Panzer has similar mechanics to World of Tanks which resulted in me spending two weeks grinding out my KV-1 crew to 100%.  In combination with work this meant I disappeared a bit and there hasn't been any news reporting.  That will be getting fixed this coming week as I return to fuel POS' etc so hang in there.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

KOS Clarification Announcment: Tribal Liberation Front

The following statement was published on the Public Notices section of theCitadel forums and refers to the Minmatar npc milita corporation which is receiving special status that exempts it from the normal npc corporation rules.

As a clarification for an incident from last night in North Provi Intel:
The minmatar npc milita corporation, Tribal LIberation Force, is to be treated as a player corporation in the case of KOS questions. 
This means that players in a non milia npc corporation whose previous corporation was TLF ARE considered KOS.  This ruling is based on the fact that joining TLF is a decision of the pilot.  That, coupled with the fact that all Minmatar milita members are considered KOS means that even in a non milita npc corporation, if the previous corporation was the TLF, you judge KOS status on that and not on the actual previous player corporation
Current Corporation [NPC Corp]
Previous Corporation [Minmatar Milita NPC Corp (Tribal Liberation Front)]  (This makes the individual KOS Until they join a new non kos player corporation)
Previous Previous Corporation [Neutral/Blue Player Corporation]

Monday, October 15, 2012

The 54th strengthen their Catch Holdings

With the falling of the main Red.Overlord systems and the mass evacuation of their assets from Null Sec, WildCard Trek of Corp 54 saw a potential opportunity to acquire the catch system of ERVK-P for Operation Deliverance.  After receiving official blessing, Wildcard approached the R.OL corporation who owned ERVK-P and offered to purchase the system (paying for the TCU and IHUB).  ERVK-P had served R.OL and other Southern Coalition alliances as a cyno chain link, providing a vital link for deep south entities to low-sec.

After quick negotiations the owning corporation in Red.Overlord agreed and on the 9th of October dropped sovereignty and seeded the TCU and IHUB to Corp 54 of CVA.  Within hours of the onlining process being started, north catch entity Cha Ching PLC took notice and began to interfere.  First by starting the online procedure on a TCU of their own in system and by bringing a 30-40 man drake fleet into system to begin engaging the 54th TCU.  Providence forces formed immediately with CVA fielding an armor oracle fleet and -7- deploying a reinforcing drake fleet.  Opting to travel conventionally instead of by the accustomed titan bridge, CVA forces arrived in system and drove the Cha Ching forces from the CVA tcu where they had been attempting to incapacitate a warp disruptor on the guarding POS.

The combined Providence forces quickly routed Cha Ching, inflicting over twenty causalities for now losses.  (  Several hours latter Cha Ching made a second attempt at disrupting the onlining process of the TCU and were similarly beaten (  After these two engagements the TCU and IHUB were safely onlined and the system secured, increasing the 54ths holdings in Catch to three systems.

ERVK: Update station was flipped at the end of October 16th.  System fully under CVA control now.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

5KG-PY II - The End of the Line (60)

On October 7th, Firestar Inc. opened the newest CVA outpost, "The End of the Line" in the dead end system of 5KG-PY of the QBL pocket.

Reverend Cutter from Deus Fides Empire was once again there to preach and bless the new outpost.

*emote Activates the system wide coms from the small chapel deep in the hull of the Archon class carrier “The Will of God”*
Hello and good day everyone. We are here to bless this, the newest station in Providence number 60! and of course celebrate that once again we have proven that our way of life is the only way that one should live among the stars.  Happy in obedience to God, The Empress, the Theology Council, CVA, the Holders and our system of NRDS. These things are of course the legs or columns if you will, of which our way of life is built.  The call of reclaiming illuminates my heart every single day that I breathe and for sure that must be your goal also.  Service to God the Empire and the Empress is what we all strive for, whether you are Amarrian, Caldari, Gallente, or Minmatar!
We are showing today that we have reclaimed this space for the Empire and the Empress, for God and of course for the Holder union of alliances. We are doing what God has commanded us to do.  "I give to you the destiny of Faith, And you will bring its message to every planet of every star in the heavens:Go forth, conquer in my Name, and reclaim that which I have given."- The Scriptures, Book of Reclaiming 22:13
What does this mean for you?  As we all know, we live in trying times right now. We have seen great upheavals in the large coalitions of the north and the south of us, but I can tell you now in our present situation that we are profiting from these times.  They teach us to trust our Ways, humble ourselves before God, and the Empress, to turn with unfeigned Repentance and Praise GOD in every system we have.  God’s judgments, given to us through the Empress and the Council show us that no other way of life or system of determining who is hostile works, or is even worthy of our attention.
Maybe you do not believe me?  CONSULT your Conscience, and then tell me---Should we not hearken to the Voice of God, speaking to us in his Judgments, and calling us to our destiny of reclaiming?  Can we look for his Favor or Pardon, if we stop now or change our trusted ways?  Or expect his Blessing, if the Cry of our Sins continues to enter his Ears? Would it be right in us to repeat or multiply our Transgressions, when all that is dear to us, or valuable in this universe, is at Stake?
I TRUST that these Considerations will sink deep in our Minds, and produce suitable Effects.
Let us not defeat his gracious Designs to reclaim and save us all.  Sincerely lamenting our past Sins, which have been committed against the clearest Light, the dearest Love, and the most transcendent Mercy,  let us prostrate ourselves before God, implore his Pardon and then by his Grace, to amend hereafter, to worship him, and walk devoutly only in his Ways, do only his bidding so that eternal God, be ascribed immortal Praise, Glory, and Dominion, henceforth, and for evermore.

This marks the 60th Outpost to be constructed in the region of Providence.

Hashu Blog: Sieh (10/6/2012) AAR

The Following is an After Action Report following action in the star system of Sieh on October 6, 2012.  Originally posted on theCitadel Forums.

First I'd like to thank Hidetoshi and theLadio and the guys who joined their quick tempest fleet for coming up and helping us.  That could have gone very poorly if you hadn't formed quickly and shown up.
It started with a ping amongst a few people by Tinator from Excon (PILL) wondering if there was any interest in getting some people on standbye.  A neutral POS had been reinforced in Sieh by some KOS folks who had a history of killing POS' with capitals.  I said sure and got a few IG caps on standbye and in fleet as well as a few other CVA folks, mostly out of *censored*.  
POS came out of reinforced but hostile corporation only showed up in a bs or two and a drake to shoot the tower.  After waiting a bit PILL warped in a few battleships and killed the drake than left the tower to the sun were they waited to see what would happen next.  After a bit a second neutral group (RELOADED DOT) cynoed two carriers and some support and started repairing the tower.
While we were running a quick test to determine if these folks were KOS (or needed to be KOS) our BS in system warped to the POS than warped out to see how reloaded would respond.  Just as Awg went "they killed a CF guy so probably should be KOS" they attacked Tinator's battleship, and it was on.  Things quickly escalated as their support became 10-15 battleships and a couple logis.  Initially didn't bring any capitals in because they had a lot of battleship on the field but Tinator quickly decided to bring a triage and when I offered I also came in in a triage Archon.  For the next twenty to thirty minutes three battleships and two triage Archons faced off against two Thanatos and about 20 BS and logi support with neither side able to break the tanks of the other side.  With about twenty minutes of triage left and no real end in site I started pinging P-FC to see if someone could form quickly and turn the fight for us.  Hidetoshi nearly immediately said sure and he and theLadio formed about 30 tempest + logi support for us.  
In Sieh we were fighting around this pos.  I had come out of triage off and on a few times and managed to wander about 70k from our other triage archon.  Seeing how far off I was hostiles pulled their battleship fleet over to me and forced me back into triage.  However they refused to move their thanatos which they were not triaging, meaning their battleships were being pulled out of thanny repair range.  This move finally allowed us to take down a person or two.  Around the same time I was getting down to about three triage cycles left and getting a little paranoid.  We had been on the field for almost 40-50 minutes.  I asked Hidetoshi to just burn instead of waiting to sort the titan bridge (in retrospect a mistake as we likely could have killed a bunch more).  Tinator brought a fourth battleship onto the field and cynoed in three-four extra carriers who brought in some extra stront for me.  
At this time we assume the hostiles had spotted the Tempest fleet inbound. They started retreating towards the POS.  Despite our best efforts they managed to get their carriers inside the shields just as the Tempests entered Sieh.  We decided to kill the pos because we could and the tempest fleet started shooting.  In order to speed it up we did a quick ping for dreads and managed to pull a decent number in under five minutes.  Just as we lite the cyno for the dreads a known RnK cyno entered system.  Tinator pulled all the caps off the field and we let the battleships quickly finish off the pos alone.  While that was going on we managed to get eyes in Nakah to find RnK not forming (so we likely would have been okay) but things worked out in the end.

Finally tally in the end
Lost 2 Geddons and an Abaddon during the inital engagement before triage entered the field.
Killed Drake, Hound, Tornado, Abaddon? and the control tower + Mods.
Probably the funnest fight i've had in ages, even though there weren't many kills it lasted a long time.  There is something about fighting five against 20+ and coming out okay that is just thrilling.  
So again, thank you tempests for coming to the rescue, from me and the "For Medicinal Use Only" crew.
Fun Fact, found out after I jumped in that I didn't insure the triage archon . . . >.>
Killmails will be forthcoming when I can find time while eve-kill is actually working to sort links.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

G7AQ-7; The Fall of Genesis Invictus

Early this morning TETIC recovered the system G7AQ-7 whose sovereignty had been dropped by Holder Genesis Invictus.  Rumors of potential trouble within the alliance had been forthcoming for some time.  Regional participation had taken a noticeable decline in the last months with little to no intel being reporting from G7, a vital crossroads system at the entrance to the QBL pocket.  Several inquiries into the status of the alliance had been forthcoming from high-ranking TETIC members who own two of the three neighboring systems and had noted the security hole stemming from G7AQ-7.

After the sov. drop in G7 it is reported that ZombieFX, leader of Umbrella Chemical Inc. booted the remaining corporations from Genesis Invictus and closed the alliance down.  While not confirmed it is believed that some GNS members will be joining TETIC who now hold sovereignty in G7AQ-7.  Holders and Providence entities are reminded to remove standings to the now closed Genesis Invictus alliance.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Silent Infinity Celebrates its 2nd Year Anniversary

Silent Infinity celebrated its second year anniversary this weekend with prizes and fun in its refinery system YQB-22 this weekend.  Originally hailing from the Sukanan constellation in Tash-Murkon where they had developed strong relations with elements of the Curatores Veritatis Alliance which also originated in the Sukanan, Silent Infinity were given several systems in North-Central Providence this year by the CVA, joining the ranks of the Providence Holders.  Since they AFK have built up their space, including two new outposts in YQB-22 and 3GXF-U.

This weekend saw the celebration of AFK's second year Anniversary, including a cruiser tournament and the giving out of over 5 Billion ISK worth of prizes and rewards.

AFK Combat Award Recipients 2011-2012

Top Killers (8)
Members in the alliance more than one year ranking highest on the killboard.  Each of the Top 8 Killers is receiving a Tier 3 Battlecruiser with fittings for fleet doctrine.
Nero Draconian - Magic Crisp - republicov - Boom Tucker - Darthoreo - Tolidobob - Ryzig - Jay Loftus

New Killers This Year (8)
Members in the alliance less than one year ranking highest on the killboard.  Each of the New Killers This Year is receiving a Tier 1 Battlecruiser with fittings for fleet doctrine.
dementia fitth - ivan stoner - Manila Plague - Gordane - Shock Fist - Red Marllboro - Lordan Endericcson - Nemiza

Combat Veterans (16)
Members in the alliance with the most participation in stealth bomber fleets.  Each of the Combat Veterans is receiving a Stealth Bomber with fittings for fleet doctrine.
Anastasius Steiner - ablazetrogdor -  Juan Thang - Brick Tanner - Gecko Hareka - Aeryn Zarniwoop - Rin Tomoko - Scarlet Number - travasty space - Bad Pinup - Silverspar Smoke - Sir Binks - Scamald Calore - TASHA DIABOLIQUE - Otto Durako - Demon Blackstar

AFK Cruiser Tournament Winners
1st Place: Silverspar Smoke, CEO of Pilots of Epic [Pilot]

2nd Place: Brick Tanner, Member of Old American Syndicate [OASY]

3rd Place: Ryzig, Member of Forging Industries [FORG]

Best Fights - Dairkia, Jay Loftus
Best Fit - Juan Thang
Worst Fit - QuantaXtreme

Monday, September 24, 2012

Providence Skies

This little gem (song) was linked by Codo from YF on theCitadel forums a few days ago.

It appears to have been written about a year ago by Cat Faber and was released on bandcamp about two months ago

Providence Skies
Lyrics and Melody by Catherine Faber
Through hisec and lowsec the warp engines sound
And through zero-zero, for Providence bound
For Eve will forever be making it plain
You have to defend what you want to maintain

So its X up for fleet, form up and clear coms,
We need more repair ships, and ammo, and bombs
With fire in our bellies, and stars in our eyes,
We'll scour the pirates from Providence skies!

In deep zero-zero, where trust often dies,
Strangers fly safely in Providence skies
But some would destroy that in hopes to recall
The chaos incarnate of all against all

Some people are parasites, taking their joy
in friendships they ruin and hopes they destroy
While some folks are builders, who hold in our hearts
a dream that is more than the sum of its parts

Pirates are poison, no trip is too far
To hound them to death like the vermin they are
But they are good for one thing - the way that they die
in firework flowers, all over the sky

(Chorus with extra line)
We'll hunt them like dogs till the last of them die.

Eternal Evocations set KOS after Raven does complete Reset

On Saturday the 22nd of September, relations between x-holder Eternal Evocations and the Providence Bloc turned sour quickly.

At 13:58 a roaming fleet comprised of Providence residents engaged and destroyed a [-E.E-] Thrasher in Catch at the orders of their FC.  Five hours latter elements of [-E.E-] participated in the destruction of an A-Clinic Hurricane in Sendaya, Derelik.  Within Provibloc there were moves to reprimand the Providence pilots involved in the thrasher loss and KOS requests over the hurricane kill were at least initially denied because the incident happened in Derelik and not Providence*.  There were also offers to make the Provibloc FC pay for the thrasher loss.

However all attempts to negotiate with Raven and return relations to normalicy was stonewalled

[19:50:18] Raven Shadows > i think you guys jsut want to set kos regardless lol ..  if i run nbsi ..and i stay otu of provi ..but you guys roam into my space ..we defend ourselvs set us kos ..p
[19:50:39] Raven Shadows > anyway yea ill just talk to eq
And than negotiations got ugly.
[19:53:18] JedsZero  UrhoKekkonen because of this u get wardecked if my wallet is not blinking soon
[19:53:24] JedsZero > someoen better get them to back down...
[19:54:07] Raven Shadows > over a cane lsos ?
[19:54:29] Raven Shadows > im still waiting for compinsation for my guys loss today ..
[19:54:30] JedsZero > apparantly...
[19:54:33] Raven Shadows > yiou knwo what
[19:54:35] Raven Shadows > fuck this
[19:54:39] Raven Shadows > remove all ee from all your channels
[19:54:45] JedsZero > I told him to not do that
[19:54:46] Raven Shadows > FULL REST AS OF RIGHT NOW
[19:54:49] Raven Shadows > fuck all of you
[19:54:52] Raven Shadows > bye
And so, as of now, Eternal Evocations are full KOS.  Provi Bloc people are free to engage them wherever found.  Sadly diplomacy doesn't work all the time.

*Side note, I note that technically Sendaya is in Derelik and therefore part of the Amarr Empire and therefore does qualify for KOS requests which are suppose to be restricted to incidents in Providence, the Amarr Empire, Wormhole Space, and ProviBloc controlled systems in Catch.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Eternal Evocations Moving On . . .

This past week saw Providence lose one of its holders.  After internal deliberations the membership of Eternal Evocations decided that they would like to try something else and to leave Providence.  After a peaceful evacuation E.E handed over their sovereignty.

With the loss of E.E Providence is experiencing a bit of a shuffle of the current holders and the introduction of a new holder.  Long-term NRDS extremists and Providence residents, Yulai Federation are moving into the bulk of Eternal Evocations systems, taking control of XHQ and the entire JEIV-E pocket.  Silent Infinity have inherited the H-GKI6 system within their pocket which had previously been E.Es.  And finally the alliance 'Of Sound Mind' has joined the ranks of Providence Holders and have been given the E.E system of 9-fob and the -7- system of 4B-NQN.

Currently it is planned for Yulai's previous systems to go to CVA, at least temporarily.  Potentially we may be introducing a new holder and Apocalypse Now. are likely to receive a system or two however no concrete plans or decisions have currently been made.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

3GX Station Deployed (Outpost 59)

September 16th, 2012

Silent Infinity [AFK] is pleased to announce the birth of our latest office outpost in 3GX-FU.  This Gallente facility has an upgradeable number of office slots with fitting, reprocessing, factory, cloning, repair and other basic services.  

This outpost is named after the historical Arch Of Constantine in Rome that is inscribed with the words instinctu divinitatis ("inspired by the divine") and is heavily decorated with fragments of older monuments significant to achievements of struggles overcome.

Many thanks to the following who made this possible:

  • Magic Crisp the builder of the facility and his corporation Amarrian Micro Devices [-AMD-], who obviously enjoys building the tiniest of EVE’s devices, making this their second outpost completion.

  • Knights Introna, CEO of Space Underground [SUPNY] the corporation that fully funded this project and retains ownership of the outpost, making office rentals open and available to all blues.

  • Rin Tomoko, CEO of Order of the Golden Lobster [OGLOB], system owner of 3GX-FU, for providing needed system services to facilitate the build.

  • Our friends and allies in CVA for the support given to us to aid in our growth and development.  
  • Veldspar miners all over Providence and Domain.

Moons are freely available to blues with advance permission.  Neutrals must apply to be blue before consideration.  Please contact Raely, executor of Silent Infinity [AFK] about moon availability and standings by evemail with your request.

From the outpost owner:

“Our corporation will strive to make this station the fuel depot for the alliance and our neighbors to aid those who maintain Player Owned Stations by offering and encouraging the sale of fuel blocks.  We hope that this will make your game time more enjoyable without having to worry about the constant refueling of your towers.  We also will offer buy orders for many different Planetary Materials to help you avoid having to haul these items out of the region.  We are here to support our friends and feedback is always welcome.”  - Knights Introna

Press Release from Silent Infinity over the construction of Providence's newest outpost. (Thankyou Tasha)

Eve Video: CVA Vs Darkside.

New video of a CVA Munnin fleet getting raped by a Darkside. Naga fleet.  Yes, CVA, Munnin . . . I know what your thinking ...


A Thank you to Star Cloud from Frog Morton Industries corporation of the Anuran Origin alliance for linking the video on theCitadel forums.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Unicomplex One (Outpost 57)

Almost a month ago saw the construction of a new outpost in 08Z-JJ in orbit of Planet XI.  The 57th Outpost in Providence and the third outpost owned by Apocalypse Now.  The construction of this Caldari Outpost will help boost manufacturing and research in the area.  After its construction, the new outpost was blessed by Clergyman Rorin Cutter, Co-CEO of Deus Fides Empire of the Curatores Veritatis Alliance.

"People often ask me about Operation Deliverance and what it means for Providence. Well we not only want to bring about and enforce Amarrian rule of law in providence and the surrounding lowsec systems, but we also want to Increase economic development and prosperity as well as Stabilize and strengthen the systems in the 0.0 area. This is what has happened today! You have done well friends. Please bow your heads: 
"The word of the Lord is pure,It is a shield for the faithful,Brought unto men by the Angels,As a guiding light in the darkness "
- The Scriptures, Book of the Prophet Anoyia, 8:15
Oh God Bless this station in your name! Give us the strength to reclaim every system in your name  oh Lord! For we are your people, your retribution incarnate, and your angels of vengeance, and we will for sure overcome in your name! Amarr Victor Brothers and Sisters! and well done!"
A than kyou to Sienna from Apocalypse Now. for the blessings logs and construction notification.  Apologizes for the delay in this release. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Hashu Blog: Smartbomb Ratting Part 1:Ships

So in response to several comments in the ratting carrier articles about ratting in Battleships I'm going to be doing a three part series on Smartbomb ratting.  While the fits I'll share aren't set in stone and are certainly tweak-able, and there may also be better ships to use or other formats, this is the way my corporation, Imperial Dreams, as developed our technique.  When used properly and efficiently can produce up to 30 mil an hour ticks when working with another battleship.  Solo it can make up to 15 to 16 mil ticks.

In this first part I will be sharing ship fittings.

My setup generally involves two battleships, which I run on two accounts together.  This isn't necessarily required as you can easily either work with someone else when running the more advanced sites or you can even use this set-up solo with specific anomalies.

The Ships I use are the Typhoon Fleet Issue as the smartbombing hull and the Armageddon Navy issue.  The reasoning behind the Typhoon Fleet Issue over a normal typhoon is the larger base armor and shields and faster speed.  The reason I prefer a Typhoon hull to say an Apocalypse is the greater speed and the base EM resist bonus that Minmatar hulls receive.  The reasons behind using the Armageddon Navy Issue over saw a normal Armageddon is for three reasons.  First it has higher raw armor and shields than the base hull.  Second it has an extra medium slot.  Third is its increased drone capacity allows it to not only carry a full flight of sentry drones but also a flight mediums (or two flights of lights) for situations when you might need them.

The Typhoon Fleet Issue

My fit puts its emphasis on capacitor generation.  8 Large smartbombs will drain your capacitor very quickly.

In My low-slots I have

x5 Capacitor Power Relay II
x1 large 'Accommodation' Vestment
x1 Armor EM Hardener II
x1 Armor Thermic Hardener II

I have generally preferred Meta 4 Large Armor repairs on my ratting ships, mostly because I have generally not needed the extra repair amount that a tech II armor repair provides.  It also uses less capacitor overall which is generally what I am in need of the most.

My Middle slots consist of:
x2 Cap Recharger IIs
x1 Stasis Webifier II
x1 Experimental 100mn Afterburner I

When working with a turret battleship the web is really not needed but if you ever plan to smartbomb rat solo the web becomes vital when you get a double battleship spawn as makes it much easier and more efficient to keep the battleships in smartbomb range.  If you don't want the web you can drop it for another Cap Recharger II

My Large Slots consist of a mix of 8 True Sansha and Dark Blood Large EMP Smartbombs.  You can use any combination of faction smartbombs as the three Navy versions and the two Pirate versions have exactly the same stats.  This allows you to shop around on the markets, picking up whatever combination is the cheapest for you.  Using faction smartbombs is pretty important.  not only does it provide extra damage than its T2 counterpart, it also has an expanded range (7500 meters) which means your hitting more ships for longer periods of time.  When I first started ratting faction smartbombs were running around 70-80 million each.  Now they are between 100 million and 120 million.  But when your making 30 million ticks, it doesn't take long to recoup your investment.

Lastly my rigs are all Large Capacitor Control Circuit Is.  With this fit, running all the modules, I become cap dry in a little over three minutes with Energy Pulse Weapons V.  However you will very seldom be running your afterburner and your smartbombs at the same time.  The theory behind smartbomb ratting is to sit on the spawn/respawn and smartbomb things as they spawn.  This involves no movement so your afterburner is mostly used for getting to the spawn after warp in.

Armageddon Navy Issue

The fit for my Armageddon Navy Issue emphasizes two things, raw damage and capacitor longevity.

In my low slots:

x1 Capacitor Power Relay II
x3 Heat Sink II
x1 Large Armor Repairer II
x1 Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
x1 Armor EM Hardener II
x1 Armor Thermal Hardener II

In this case I do have a faction module in my lows, in this case it is simply because I had it on hand and the extra resists were nice when I was using the fit solo against hubs and ports.

My low slots:

x3 Cap Recharger IIs
x1 100mn Afterburner II

Rather self explanatory, afterburner to get into optimal faster and cap rechargers for cap regeneration.

My High Slots:
x7 Mega Pulse Laser II
x1 Utility (I have a Salvager II fitted)

I find the tech II Pulses very convenient as it allows me to utilize Scorch Crystals in the rare cases when something has managed to get far away.  Normally I use IN Multifrequency or IN Gamma and carry IN  Infrared for long-range stuff.

My rigs are of course Capacitor Control Circuit Is

The next key fit for this ship is drone layout.  When working with the smartbomb battleship you want to use sentries, Garde IIs are the best choice around here because of their thermal damage against Sansha rats.  Being a Geddon Fleet Issue also allows you to run a complementary set of medium drones or two flights of light drones, for the pesky frig that spawns too far away.

In general these ships are fairly light on their tank, only tanking the bare minimum.  Alone the Armageddon Navy Issue can tank a hub as long as it stays afterburning underneath the Sansha guns.  (Yes you can sig tank rats in battleships).  If your wanting to run harder anomalies or use these settups for other things I suggest running a heavier tank.  But you need to be careful, the Typhoon Fleet Issue is at a sharp balance between armor tank and capacitor life.  I have never had a problem but if your armor and capacitor skills are lacking you may need to overtank.

Hashu Blog: Smartbomb Ratting Part 3:Duet

While ratting alone can be simple and relaxing, its not nearly as efficient as working with another character, either a buddy or an alt.  A smartbomb battleship in unison with a turret battleship can earn twice the ISK as a lone smartbomb battleship.  When looking for the right anomalies to work, your looking for similar characteristics that a solo SB battleship will be looking for, specifically ones with spawns that are close to the warp in and where the spawns do not move from wave to wave.  Unlike when solo however your also looking for large numbers of battleships as your turret friend is very good at blapping those away.

In Providence two types of anomalies that you will find in any fully upgraded system are Sansha's Forsaken Rally Points and Sansha Ports.  The system where the image on the left was taken has a security status of -0.07, one of the worst in Providence (Only 13 other systems have worse (higher) security status).  When fully upgraded, this system will have two forsaken rally points which is generally what your looking for.

Forsaken Rally Points are ideal for the smartbomb form of ratting.  The spawn is roughly 10 km from the inital warp in.  It never moves, and although the area that ships spawn in is slightly larger than other anomalies, the range of your faction smartbombs means its generally not an issue.  It also routinely has 3-4 battleships per wave which means your turrent battleship is going to be busy.  Ports are also fairly good but not quite as ideal because their spawn is 20km away from the warp in and they have fewer waves and less battleshps per wave.  While some people might consider trying to run Hubs I would generally suggest against it, because of the higher dps in the inital spawn and the significantly longer travel time from your warp in they take longer to run and generally are more dangerous, even though they provide a better reward per anomaly run because of higher battleship counts per wave.

Sansha Forsaken Rally Points

The warp in will generally put you 9-11 km from the spawn point which is in the center of the wrecks in the gas field.  The initial spawn consists of 1-2 battleships and 1-2 cruisers, in this case it was 2 battleships and a cruiser.

This image shows a top down view from the smartbombing battleships pov.  Notice the placement between all the wrecks and the Armageddon Navy issue's placement 10ish KM away.  I can normally get away without moving the ANI but sometimes on the warp in its in the inside, in that case you normally want to move away a few kilometers to place yourself in a better position, optimal wise.  You normally want to be at LEAST 9km away from the SB battleship so you can safely deploy sentry's for each wave.  The final spawns for FRP's are easy to identify as they will be a full wave of battleships, either three or four.  Just a notice FRPs escalate into 8/10s, which while they drop a higher overseer loot, generally produce lesser quality loot drops than 6/10s which you can get from Sansha's Rally Points that you run solo.

Sansha Port
Ports have three initial spawn types.  The first type will have a mass of frigates and cruisers centered around a control tower.  The control Tower is your spawn point.  This one can be a bit tricky as the turret bs can have a hard time hitting the frigates and if they get under its tracking.  The best way to handle this is quickly get the smartbomb battleship to the spawn and actively smartbomb, if your lucky you'll clear the frigates before they are able to disperse in their orbit around you.  The cruisers are generally easier to handle.  If the frigates do get outside of smartbomb range and your having problems hitting them, this is the time to use those drones you've brought along.  The Typhoon Fleet issue can easily carry several flights of lights and mediums.  Lights in particular are good as they can return quicker allowing you to restart your smartbombs (which you turned off to let your drones out).  Be very careful not to smartbomb your drones.  Once they are back light them up and blap the battleships.

The second type of initial spawn involves three cruisers about twenty kilometers from your warp in between you and the sentry towers.  The initial spot of those cruisers is your spawn point, your going to have to judge this a bit and readjust after the first wave is done.  I generally quickly try to kill the crusiers with the turret battleship and use the first wreck as a rough guide for the SB battleship.  The third type of spawn is just like the second only it will have four battlecrusiers instead of three.  You handle it exactly the same way.

Ports finish must fast assuming you don't take too long on the inital wave.  They lack the number of waves and the heavyness of the waves that Forsaken Rally Points put off but still work fairly well producing 15-20 mil ticks generally for both pilots.

Several things to keep in mind when running with Armageddon Navy Issues.  Watch your sentries!  It is very easy to lose several, either because you place them too close to the smartbombing battleship or because they are targeted by a new wave.  Rule of thumb is to pull your sentries after each wave than put them back out after you put the first battleship into armor with your turret battleship.  You also need to watch your smartbombing battleship if your duel boxing this setup, its very easy for it to wander off the spawn if your not paying attention or hit the wrong button, this can seriously mess up your efficiency and cost valuable time that you could be making isk in.  If both characters are paying attention and on the ball, you can easily be making 25-30 mil a ticks, which equates to 75-90 mil an hour, or 150-180 mil an hour if your duel boxing.  This is one of the simplest ways to run anomalies well that doesn't involve massively pimped ships (apart from the smarties) and is potentially doable in every system in Providence.  In theory any system in Providence could be supporting up to 6 characters making 45-90 mil isk an hour using these setups these techniques. (Two people running Sansha and Sansha's Rally Points as solo smartbombing battleships and two teams of SB BS and Turrent BS running Ports and Forsaken Rally Points).