Thursday, March 28, 2013

Eve Videos: Ziriert Fight 3.25.2013

Battle Report Courtesy of Mohamad Transporte of Yulai Federation

"We, the citizens of the holy land providence are destined to be honored among others, for those who seek honour out in the dark shall not prevail" ~ Quote, Unknown Provibloc Priest
Yesterday, After having several attacks by a new visitor to our holy land, Lost obsession had decided to commit a medium sized assault to dominate the low sec entrance to Providence and capture all POCOs generating taxation income for the servants of the empire
An Old Guard FC was recalled from the lands of the dead to Lead the mighty abaddon fleet of the Provibloc. Everyone hopped to his ship once the word was spread and Dyntheos the great couldn't hold the Hellcats from warping into the formup station until hundred and ten Pilots have shadowed the sun rising on that awaited day
"PL Scout in system" Jimmy the Handicap Child shouted... Beware of the evil Dooms... Dyntheos stood up between the crowd and said "No evil shall be feared today, as god is watching our faithful hearts"
The might abaddon fleet started moving to destination, in low sec.. Ships started to re-inforce enemy poco awaiting for their show up. Brave enough, Lost obsession and their Factional War friends started manually flying to the same system, once they jumped, the abaddon fleet directly warped in to 0. High damage lasers were installed and a heavy brawling between our forces and the enemies. Dyntheos started to call primaries... legions started falling one by one and once the Bhaalghorns started to be primaried, Scream was on Radio frequency "CYNO .. CYNO is up" ... Enemy archons where in field to support the Huge dps abaddons were causing, Proviblock switched dps to the triaged archon... and it took them 20 seconds to melt it down, It was jimmy this time in his trimbling voice.. another cyno is up , dreads are on field.....
At that moment, Silence prevailed on comms, Dyntheos un-volunteerly said "Republicov... light the cyno" .... light the cyno? everyone was surprised, as its well known that provibloc are too poor to buy any caps... Dyntheos in low wise voice has asked the women and children of Providence to pray in these hard moments...
Strangely enough, Dreads started to pour out of the cyno, 10 dreads on field Are fighting beside us, sent by Princess Jamyl Sarum of the amarrian empire... Moral was boosted as enemy dreads were being shredded apart.. and subcaps started focusing their fire again on the expensive Factional Battleships the enemy has field... as those Battleships were going down, Dyntheos has ordered the Soldiers to focus on Guardians on field.. after 8 and more guardians fell down, the enemies decided to de-aggro and jump out leaving northing but wrecks and memories of a good fight everyone enjoyed that evening
The ministry of loot has announced that over 9 billion worth of dropped modules the enemy left on field were enough to compensate the 3 empire dreads lost on that fight

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Guess Who Is BACK!!!!

We here at Provi News would like to welcome back Hidetoshi Rushd from the Northlands of Razor.

After a little more than three month stay in 4S corporation of Razor alliance, Hidetoshi returned to Pentag Blade of CVA where he has once again began FCing Provi Bloc fleets..

Video of F&F (03/09/13) roam into Delve which engages CFC fleet before getting sandwiched between CFC and HBC fleets.

Note because of the threeway the boards are pretty messy all the losses on the right side are Provi Bloc losses and most of them came after the TEST fleet arrived.

PDDC leave CVA

On February 24th, FrizlL3 announced internally that Pure Dutch Damage Corp would be leaving CVA

As you all might have noticed PDDC hasn't been very active last couple of months.
This is mainly caused due to lack of challange for us.
Most of my guys have been in and Providence and Domain for years now and in need for somethinge else, something new.
We're still unsure about what it is we are gonna do, but it will probably be away from Domain and Provi.
At this point there's no concrete plans about joining another alliance, but we are leaving CVA.
For now we will probably just be some random low sec NBSI corp.
Some of our members will leave PDDC and seak for new shelter some place else in CVA.
It has been an honour flying with you guys, chances are we will be back some day to fight for the good again
We will be leaving the alliance when we have moved our stuff, and have found a new home for our members that decide to stay in Providence.
We wish you all the best and see you in space.


We wish PDDC the best of luck, whenever they aren't shooting us of course.

We Still Live

During the past month and a half the Provi Bloc has been waging a campaign against the alliance Broken Toys in Derelik.  It was decided to not release information about the campaign inorder to keep the area quiet from third party interference.  That in combination with several private matters resulted in no stories since January.  With the conclusion of the Broken Toys campaign last night the moratorium on Providence News releases has been lifted.