General CVA Video Archive

General CVA Video Archive
Currently a work in progress, goal is to collect youtube and or evefile links for eve-videos related to CVA and/or Providence.  Any help is appreciated, leave a msg for Rovern Hashu on theCitadel forums.

Special Collections:

Frigate Fleet: Wednesday 11/07/2012
(Created by Hexentanz - TETIC)

CVA The Amarr Empire
(Created by SWP - Ordo Drakonis - CVA Summer 2011)

CVA 6th Year Anniversary
(Created By Marlakh - KSD Nov 2010)

CVA, Guardian Angels
(Released September 26, 2010)
Meline Phoebe - Maligo Libens - Amarr Milita

CVA vs DACO in Domain
September 24, 2010
(Tinator - Exile Consortium - Nihilists Social Club)

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