Sunday, August 26, 2012


Outpost #58 was built today by TSOE Consortium in the starsystem TXJ-II deep in the 2V pocket.  As the second factory outpost in the pocket, "Tress Punto's" will greatly boost the production capabilities of the pocket and will be a shining beacon of the prosperity that Providence residences have been experiencing over the past several months.  After this construction only two systems in the 2v pocket lack outposts, C1-HAB owned by CVA, and 2V-CS5 owned by TSOE Consortium.  At present there are no publicly known plans for more outposts in the area.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Equi has decided to quit . . .

letting new corporations into CVA.  According to the re-welcoming thread for Polaris Project who have rejoined CVA today.  CVA will not be letting in new corporations for the immediate future.  As always welcome back, its about time you were flying in CVA again Arthur!

Friday, August 24, 2012

EVE Video: PL Armor Hacs in Providence

Normally I don't share non-provi bloc related videos but as the fight happened in the region I felt I might as well.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Mistakes Were Made

Pure Madness baiting op gone horribly horribly wrong, video courtesy of Nyoris of Firestar.

PDDC joins CVA

Long-time Providence resident and previous Care Factor member corporation Pure Dutch Damage Corp joined CVA today.  This marks the first new corporation to join CVA in three months.  PDDC's joining of CVA has pushed CVA Membership over the 1600 man mark.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

July 2012 Eve Videos

2012-07-18 CVA Roaming Fleet Fight X-R3NM
(Created by Hexentanz - TETIC - Uploaded July 20, 2012)

Frigate Fleet: Wednesday 11/07/2012
(Created by Hexentanz - TETIC - Uploaded July 12, 2012)

July: Leonidas Amarri Collection Additoins

While I have been away on a self-enforced vacation from EVE, CVA has seen a blossoming in young talent and new fleet commanders.  July saw over 2500 Kills on CVA Killboards, a statistic not seen since April of 2010 during the first Reconquista efforts.  (Highest combat activity goes to January/February 2010 during the 'Invasion').

With this blossoming of activity has seen a significant spike in CVA fleet video releases including several new additions to the Leonidas Amarri collection.

Leonidas Amarri Collection additions:

Eve Online CVA In Catch
Random Frig Wolfpaxs
(Leonidas Amarri - Released July 18 2012)

CVA Drakes vs AAA Tornado
July 17th Roam Q-U96U
(Leonidas Amarri - Released July 17 2012)

Eve Online CVA vs AAA July
July 7th CVA BC Stain Roam
(Leonidas Amarri - Released July 9 2012)

Eve Online CVA Fights Update
Random Fights
(Leonidas Amarri - Released July 5 2012) (GE-8JV) (3-OKDA)