Sunday, February 16, 2014

Maybe Not so Closed

So after talking with a few people we're going to try to keep Providence News open by popular demand.  As I am personally semi-hostile to the coalition I most likely will not be writing but will be trying to make sure articles, etc are somewhat polished.  Turran Dallocort from Forging Industries, Silent Infinity will be 'taking over' as a writer for now.  If others are interested please send try to connect with me in-game in "Hashu" and or send me an eve-mail.  If I don't know you we may need to work on some temporary stuff at first.

In other news I started an Art0n blog which can be found here if your interested in my current endeavors.  May you not be on the receiving end of them.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Closing of Providence News

In what is a very much pre-meditative move I will be closing down (not doing any more posts) on Provi News.  While my activity and posting had itself disappeared this move is the result of my recent change in corporations.  I am no longer a member of Imperial Dreams of the CVA nor am I member of the Provi Bloc.

These days you can find me with the Arton Crew in Arton, Domain.  Please be wary of dropping by as you will likely get shot.  If you want to chat or have any questions drop into the 'Hashu' channel to catch me.  I may start an Arton blog, who knows.  This site will itself be left open so that previous archives will be available.