Sunday, December 29, 2013

Left Providence For Dead Survival Tournament

As Announced Here CVA is hosting a Left 4 Dead 2 Survival Tournament.


Prizes to be announced at a latter date

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Providence Administrative Update for December


With Gengis Khan retiring Equi has put out a call for volunteers for KOS Admin positions.

We are looking for a few good kos admins.

People submitting KOS requests or trying to handle a KOS incedent should keep in mind that we currently have only a single active KOS admin until the new recruits are approved so expect issues and requests to take extra time to be processed.

New Corporations ...

December has seen the addition and loss of several corporations among various Holder members of ProviBloc

Apocalypse Now. saw 5ER3NITY INC (42) depart on the 4th and saw AEF - Vanguard join on the 17th.

Curatores Veritatis Alliance has seen two corporations join during the month of December.  Black Watch Guard (39) joined on the 2nd and Amarrian Micro Devices (53) migrated over from YF on the 17th.

Silent Infinity saw Emperiume Hords of Darklight (7)  and ABBSIDEEIN HORDS of DARKLIGHT (6) depart on the 14th.  They also saw Tag Tax Collection Office (1) join on the 12th, Eternal Tempest (5) join on the 16th and ABBSIDEEIN HORDS of DARKLIGHT (6) rejoin on the 20th.

Yulai Federation saw Amarrian Micro Devices (53) leave for CVA on the 16th and saw Day of Reckoning (34) join on the 16th.

Monday, December 2, 2013

November ProviBloc Kill Stats

Kill stats from the Provi Bloc for November 2013.  Thanks to Tabu Bombadil for this months stats.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Provi Bloc Notice: Mobile Tractor Units

Do not leave your mobile Tractor Units alone in a system.  MTUs found with the owner not in system will be killed.  This is because they currently loot ANYONE's wrecks and not just cans and wrecks belonging to their owners.  This is, intentional or unintentional, a form of loot stealing.  If you find an unattended MTU do try to contact the owner first before killing it and IF that person is in local please do not kill them.

Hashu Blog: Thump Thump

After disappearing for two months I decided to withdraw from my coalition and alliance positions and stepped down as CEO of Imperial Dreams.  I felt it was not fair to my coalition, alliance, and corporation to hold important positions and responsibility and not be around to fulfill them.  Ironically this move coincided with a major real-life move and job searching time.  Meaning I had a lot of free time and suddenly have become more active in the month of November than I have probably been for all of 2013 prior.  I have refrained from 'reactivating' Provi News as I will likely be starting a new job in December and I didn't want to start again if I am just going to disappear.  So while I may occasionally post some information, please be aware it will likely be sporadic and not as regular as it had been previously.

I also started playing League of Legends this summer and am slowly grinding my way to lvl 30, hopefully will have it by the time season 4 comes out of preseason.  If you want to play a few games I'm on the NA server (Rovern Hashu), send me a friend invite and let me know your eve character and corporation/alliance in the friend request.

Edit: Also . . . Happy Thanksgiving Americans!  May you stuff yourself with Turkey and have peaceful naps while watching the football games and parades today!

Call for Creativity Winner

At the end of October corebloodbrothers from VOLT called for a creativity drive and offered monetary rewards for best poster and best fraps/movie.  While there did not really appear to be any fraps/movie entries we had several pictures.  After a month core picked the winner, submitted by Frostbyte from Yulai Federation.

To see the other entries see the competition thread (sorry, Provibloc members only).

Saturday, September 7, 2013

August ProviBloc Kill Stats

Kill stats from ProviBloc for August 2013.  Once again to Tom Bombadil from Oscura Simmetria of Yulai Federation for collecting the statistics.
Congratulations for VOLT taking the top in membership levels this month.

Friday, August 2, 2013

July ProviBloc Kill Stats

Kill stats for ProviBloc from July, Sound not included.  A 'Thank You' to Tabu Bombadil from Oscura Simmetria of Yulai Federation for hunting up the statistics.  Coloring done by myself this month.  Some alliances don't have top killer (pilot) and top killer (corp) shown based on what Tabu was able to find on available killboards. 
Also congratulations to Silent Infinity for now having the most members of any one alliance in Providence.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

KBP Local logs released from July 25th Incident

While many have seen the few lines of local logs released immediately during the friendly fire events, a great deal has been made about statements made before and after the fact.  We finally got my hands on the extended logs.  You can draw your own conclusions.

  1. [ 2013.07.25 22:02:52 ] Amylon > hangs titss out of car window
  2. [ 2013.07.25 22:06:07 ] Ro'Dauqa > are you forming?
  3. [ 2013.07.25 22:06:19 ] Amylon > no for what?
  4. [ 2013.07.25 22:06:29 ] Ro'Dauqa > to blob us
  5. [ 2013.07.25 22:06:34 ] Amylon > no
  6. [ 2013.07.25 22:07:03 ] James Rockwell > wrong timezone Ro'Dauqa, you should know this
  7. [ 2013.07.25 22:07:06 ] Sahra Magna > o/
  8. [ 2013.07.25 22:07:16 ] Ro'Dauqa > wrong ts
  9. [ 2013.07.25 22:07:22 ] Ro'Dauqa > tz*?
  10. [ 2013.07.25 22:07:27 ] Cyaron wars > we are on gate
  11. [ 2013.07.25 22:07:30 ] Cyaron wars > 0
  12. [ 2013.07.25 22:07:34 ] Ro'Dauqa > 31 in local (
  13. [ 2013.07.25 22:07:34 ] Cyaron wars > no need for probing
  14. [ 2013.07.25 22:07:47 ] James Rockwell > 31 carebears in local
  15. [ 2013.07.25 22:08:04 ] Cyaron wars > can we have ratting op?
  16. [ 2013.07.25 22:13:29 ] Ristlin Wakefield > sup brahs
  17. [ 2013.07.25 22:13:43 ] Cyaron wars > waiting for your FCs
  18. [ 2013.07.25 22:14:59 ] Ristlin Wakefield > and who might those be?
  19. [ 2013.07.25 22:18:51 ] Fr3akwave > bad bookmark i guess
  20. [ 2013.07.25 22:19:18 ] Ristlin Wakefield > How do I reach these kids?!
  21. [ 2013.07.25 22:19:32 ] DAM1987 > you gotta ask the gay keeper
  22. [ 2013.07.25 22:22:10 ] James Rockwell >
  23. [ 2013.07.25 22:25:34 ] Sarkis Udoka > And now we wait
  24. [ 2013.07.25 22:36:11 ] Ro'Dauqa > Crumeth
  25. [ 2013.07.25 22:36:14 ] Ro'Dauqa > hey bro
  26. [ 2013.07.25 22:36:28 ] Crumeth > howdy
  27. [ 2013.07.25 22:37:30 ] Cyaron wars > wtf
  28. [ 2013.07.25 22:37:38 ] Cyaron wars > Crumeth u scared our little friends :(
  29. [ 2013.07.25 22:37:38 ] Aksu Dayyanum > spai
  30. [ 2013.07.25 22:37:49 ] Crumeth > orly
  31. [ 2013.07.25 22:44:55 ] XavierVE > GF
  32. [ 2013.07.25 22:45:32 ] Jenny Rims > severance, i am not red
  33. [ 2013.07.25 22:45:57 ] b4dg3r > Jenny Rims is blue
  34. [ 2013.07.25 22:46:03 ] b4dg3r > stop shooting
  35. [ 2013.07.25 22:46:08 ] Crumeth > kill the cunt
  36. [ 2013.07.25 22:46:33 ] Leylla Gainsborought > lol#
  37. [ 2013.07.25 22:46:42 ] Heinrich Hoss > lol i stopped like 30 seconds ago
  38. [ 2013.07.25 22:46:44 ] Heinrich Hoss > y u so mad guise
  39. [ 2013.07.25 22:46:46 ] Heinrich Hoss > rage much
  40. [ 2013.07.25 22:46:47 ] Heinrich Hoss > :D
  41. [ 2013.07.25 22:46:56 ] XavierVE > Time to die, asshole
  42. [ 2013.07.25 22:46:59 ] Heinrich Hoss > hf reimbursing
  43. [ 2013.07.25 22:47:04 ] Leylla Gainsborought > what rage?
  44. [ 2013.07.25 22:47:16 ] XavierVE > Fuck your reimbursement, you fucking retard.
  45. [ 2013.07.25 22:47:21 ] Heinrich Hoss > lol
  46. [ 2013.07.25 22:47:21 ] DAM1987 > bahahahahhahaha
  47. [ 2013.07.25 22:47:23 ] Heinrich Hoss > so mad
  48. [ 2013.07.25 22:47:24 ] DAM1987 > bahahahah
  49. [ 2013.07.25 22:47:24 ] Leylla Gainsborought > lmfao
  50. [ 2013.07.25 22:47:35 ] XavierVE > Not going to be mad after I loot your wreck
  51. [ 2013.07.25 22:47:51 ] Heinrich Hoss > <3 you too
  52. [ 2013.07.25 22:47:53 ] XavierVE > VOLT retards, worst retards
  53. [ 2013.07.25 22:47:56 ] DAM1987 > rrr rrr RAGEE
  54. [ 2013.07.25 22:48:00 ] Leylla Gainsborought > hes got some sand in his vajayjay
  55. [ 2013.07.25 22:48:00 ] Heinrich Hoss > i didnt even point him bro
  56. [ 2013.07.25 22:48:01 ] XavierVE > Working my ass off and you scramble my loki.
  57. [ 2013.07.25 22:48:02 ] Lillith Sakata > learn to use NRDS don't shoot friendlies
  58. [ 2013.07.25 22:48:03 ] XavierVE > What a fucking retard
  59. [ 2013.07.25 22:48:15 ] Heinrich Hoss > i never scrammed him
  60. [ 2013.07.25 22:48:26 ] Heinrich Hoss > stop mad
  61. [ 2013.07.25 22:48:40 ] Lillith Sakata > you shoulnd't have shot at all
  62. [ 2013.07.25 22:48:45 ] XavierVE > I'll stop being an angry asshole once you stop being a unintelligent retard.
  63. [ 2013.07.25 22:48:53 ] XavierVE > So never, basically.
  64. [ 2013.07.25 22:49:24 ] Heinrich Hoss > haha
  65. [ 2013.07.25 22:49:44 ] Heinrich Hoss > i dont really care m8 just reimburse my ship :)
  66. [ 2013.07.25 22:50:09 ] Norm Tempesta > Heinrich Hoss was shooting neg sec ppl a week ago, still hasnt fixed his overview
  67. [ 2013.07.25 22:50:14 ] Lillith Sakata > you shot at a non-kos ship, and you expect someone to grease your palms?
  68. [ 2013.07.25 22:50:22 ] Heinrich Hoss > Norm Tempesta really? show me pictures of that
  69. [ 2013.07.25 22:50:34 ] XavierVE > Heinrich, send me one of your diplos, so I can tell him to put his dick up his own ass. Fly safe
  70. [ 2013.07.25 22:50:39 ] Norm Tempesta > i could probably find it in my logs
  71. [ 2013.07.25 22:50:44 ] Heinrich Hoss > do it
  72. [ 2013.07.25 22:50:50 ] Norm Tempesta > if i felt like it, which i dont
  73. [ 2013.07.25 22:50:57 ] Heinrich Hoss > because its bullshit and you know it :D
  74. [ 2013.07.25 22:51:08 ] Heinrich Hoss > grow the fuck up
  75. [ 2013.07.25 22:51:11 ] Heinrich Hoss > :)
  76. [ 2013.07.25 22:51:18 ] Norm Tempesta > i dont talk just to hear myself
  77. [ 2013.07.25 22:52:42 ] DAM1987 > Skanny Aylet kisses
  78. [ 2013.07.25 22:53:01 ] Skanny Aylet > <3

Kevin Xiore Goes Rogue: Attempt to destroy P-Fleet Fails

Yesterday former provi-Bloc FC and until recently member of Pompeii Syndicate of No Safe Haven attempted to sabotage ProviBloc Fleet operations.  Using old moderate rights in P-Fleet, Kevin removed all member's access and moderators from the channel.  ProviBloc FCs quickly set up a temporary channel before P-Fleet owners could return and remove Kevin, reinstated P-Fleet access.  As a result of Kevin's actions he was kicked from his corporation and set Perma-KOS by the KOS Admin team.

Any corporations or alliances that previously retained access to P-Fleet but have lost it due to this event are to evemail Trony from CAIN of The Fourth District.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Executor Statement over SOUND reset

Equinox Daedalus

Equinox Daedalus, Executor of the Curatores Veritatis Alliance, released a statement to ProviBloc leadership earlier today over the resetting of "Of a Sound Mind."

I'll post a few things here as it was a busy day yesterday and last night when got home and was helping to shoot boring structures!!!
1. CVA has been the defacto "arbitrator" and "voice" in providence for many years (when we have had control). Every alliance in providence that has Sov is given it with a handshake deal and the general agreement and understanding that
You are accepting sov under conditions where you can't simply do whatever you wish. There are general rules and policies in place for all of providence that are to be followed to the best  of your abilities while you are here, and that any issues are worked out with cva becoming the final arbitrator  because someone has to be. CVA in return shows up (usually as the top force) for most every action we have knowledge of important ops or ctas, as well as working with building your alliance up and helping your alliance out in other ways (unified doctrines, coordination with others, force multipliers,unified voice, unified kos list, forums and many other programs that providence has) in the hopes of building a great providence community.
2. If you think of yourself as a pet, that is what you will become. While it is correct that people will always say "cva and pets" or "cva and providence" and "providence pets" etc etc you should understand that CVA tries not to promote this and does not believe in this. We work with people in regards to getting them equal shares and parts and good moons and we don't take for simply allowing you to be in providence. There are no rental fees there are no fees for being blue. There are no massive ctas and fleet requirements to join providence and become a part of the area and eventually become a holder. All we have ever done is given people a chance to become better. CVA doesn't put alts in your alliances to spy on you, CVA doesn't make you all join a "providence alliance" to be here. Your all given freedom and autonomy with basic general guidelines of providence policies that allow you to make your own decisions as to how/what/why you are in providence and what you want to do.
3. The issues between sound and volt are small. Much like in life however, a grain of sand that gets into a oyster can make a pearl, or things can end up with just a stone that is annoying and eventually causes issues. There have been many chances on both sides to become a pearl, unfortunately it seems that it only formed and became a kidney stone. I have always tried to be fair and make decisions that both sides could live with and save face upon, but at the end of the day SOUND did not want to compromise upon what they thought was unfair to them. But you can also see that there has been and there are always options open and always ways to solve things and save face, of which i can give 2 examples :
A few months ago a foolish Volt member accidently placed a jf on contract publically for 0 isk when it was meant to be contracted to a specific party. Xavier saw the freighter on contract, and accepted it which is his right to do as it was a public contract. Volt contacted him and after a bit asked to have it returned for a reward (much like finding a wallet full of cash on the street). and he refused, saying he would sell it back to them at a fair market price. after a bit of back and forth I was asked to mediate this, and asked Xavier for a favor, return the freighter for good faith and get the reward that they offered (which was 1 bil isk, not exactly chump change) and he steadfast refused. Eventually he said he would take 3 bil for it, so i personally paid for the jf and gave it back to volt. 
Flash forward, to some random volt member, some months later, going rogue and destroying a faction fit blue mach. Volt immediately kicked and fully reimbursed the blue, no questions asked, no drama, no complaining except by their wallets.
Now I know they are not the same instances and I know that they are not exactly the same type of thing, but I feel that these singular events show something that is and does mean something, Karma and friendship. While Volt could of been in in their right to argue that its not their fault that some idiot rats in a 5 bil isk ship and they would refuse to compensate (and many people who hate faction ratting ships probably would be on their side). While these instances are just singular, there is a consistent pattern from volt and sound in regards to the willingness to compromise and work as a team to better providence. To say it was "just an omen" or "just hotheadedness" is really to insult everyone else in the matter. 
4. Sound are going to be removed, there is no going back, CVA will not change their minds on this because i will not. Sound were good people and i hope that those who wish to stay in providence find a home, however those who are actively shooting cva and allies at current will not and shouldn't be welcomed back. Eve is a big universe and i'm sure they will find something else that they like to do as well.

5 Every Alliance in providence isn't perfect, every pilot in providence isn't either. People have all kinds of previous connotations about other alliances, alliances don't all get along with each other all the time either. However each alliance that is in providence is working towards making those relationships better, and or making their pilots better. While i know that even myself does not get along with everyone in providence we all make small sacrifices to make a unified standing block work. I don't' expect perfection I expect people to get better and learn from mistakes and be willing to compromise and eventually become a better region and place in eve.

Critical News Alert: Of Sound Mind Ejected from Provi Bloc, Alliance Set KOS!!!

At 03:00 on July 30th Of Sound Mind was stripped of blue standings from CVA and purged from OOG Provibloc services.  Several hours latter after last ditched diplomatic attempts failed Of Sound Mind was reset again, this time to KOS for all of Provi Bloc.

Events leading up to this reset have been building over several months with Xavier XV, the executor of OF Sound Mind, becoming more and more tyrannical in diplomatic relations with neighboring allies.  The final catalyst, while seemingly insignificant in itself tipped the flood of issues over the edge.

The event happened on the 25th of July in the Severance system of KBP while hunting a group of pirate macharials who are known to use neutral booster lokis.  A Sev3rance fleet and a SOUND fleet engaged at the same time and members of the Sev3rance fleet tackled a loki that was neutral to them.  It happened to be a neutral alt flying in the SOUND fleet.  Cease fire was requested in local and done so.  However a VOLT member who was in the area and who had engaged (and disengaged) with Severance made some comments in local.

[22:45:32] Jenny Rims > severance, i am not red  (Neutral Loki)
[22:45:57] b4dg3r  Jenny Rims is blue
[22:46:03] b4dg3r > stop shooting
[22:46:08] Crumeth > kill the cunt  (Uninvolved Individual)
[22:46:33] Leylla Gainsborought > lol#
[22:46:42] Heinrich Hoss > lol i stopped like 30 seconds ago
[22:46:44] Heinrich Hoss > y u so mad guise
[22:46:46] Heinrich Hoss > rage much
[22:46:47] Heinrich Hoss > :D

Fire on the loki by Heinrich had stopped according to logs provided at 22:46:07

[2013.07.25 22:46:07 ] (combat) 14 to Jenny Rims[O I](Loki) - Valkyrie II - Hits

As a response to the comments XavierVE ordered Heinrich killed in local:

[22:46:55] XavierVE > Time to die, asshole

The kill order was given fourty-eight seconds after Heinrich had stopped firing.  Heinrich was killed a minute latter at 22:48.

While the order to kill Heinrich was questionable it was not the end of the world.  Several FCs within the bloc have voiced they likely would have made similar decisions and in this matter where supportive of XavierVE's command decisions.  The problems begin in XavierVE's next comment in local.

22:50:34] XavierVE > Heinrich, send me one of your diplos, so I can tell him to put his dick up his own ass. Fly safe

Normal policy on blue on blue incidents is to reimburse the loss.  Initial diplomacy seemed to start out cordially (Ignoring the comments in local) with XavierVE notifying Volt Diplos why he had made the call and a firm refusale to reimburse.  VOLT diplos pushed, requesting the navy omen being reimbursed and requesting a apology over his local comments and tone.  After this point things start to get heated with VOLT threating to name SOUND a public enemy and XavierVE calling VOLT a pile of shit.

With mails flying around it is at this point that diplomats from Sev3rance and CVA get involved trying to calm the situation down.  Early Sunday (28th) morning Equinox officially requested that SOUND repay the omen.  In other discussions he was growing concerned with XaviersVE's attitude towards other diplomats and was concerned that he was going ot have to expell SOUND from the powerbloc because of XavierVE.

Xavier firmly refused

From: XavierVE
Sent: 2013.07.29 22:00
To: Equinox Daedalus,  June Ting,
Hello Equinox,
With all the shit-slinging and drama that VOLT has stirred up over our killing of Heinrich for attacking a neutral alt of CVA's who was in our fleet, we're going to decline repaying the Omen Navy Issue to them. He does not deserve a reimbursement and we will not be providing one.
And yes, we know what that means.
Alliance Leader
Of Sound Mind

In response Equi made the decision to request that SOUND return sov for which they would be fairly compensated.  At the same time a notice was sent out to CVA CEOs to make sure corporations were prepared for a Sov War campaign incase it came to this.  A internal mail was leaked to SOUND which was than forwarded to Equi.

Xaviers final response:

From: XavierVE
Sent: 2013.07.29 22:47
To: Equinox Daedalus,  June Ting,
Hola Equinox,
We've done nothing to provoke the situation. With hostiles on field, I defended my fleet from someone while he smacked at us in local. I would do the same in any situation, no matter who was aggressing. We do not believe in subsidizing bad behavior. 
Our sin is defending a neutral from a hostile, shit-talking, resident of a holder alliance in Providence. That's not the Providence I remember from being a rank newbie to EVE, it's not the Providence that Aralis would be proud of. We have opened our space to neutrals, only to see them shot at again and again when we roam around by "blues." You are going to reset and attack us for defending our fleet and not rewarding people shooting at neutrals. 
What you call abrasive to everyone in leadership roles, I call talking plainly. You don't have to guess with anything my leadership team has ever said. We tell your our position, bluntly. If you want a cadre of weak-kneed leadership types afraid to speak their minds, so be it. It's just not who we are. 
Our position is as it always has been. That we should be left alone to practice NRDS in Providence with the KOS checker as a loyal ally, as we have done for years... and that people who shoot at neutrals in fleets be given no coddling when they whine about the consequences of that act. I'd argue with you extensively about this, but I know your mind is made up. 
It is your right to reset us and attack us if that's what you want to do. We will be in our home until our home is no longer accessible. 
Best wishes,
Alliance Leader
Of Sound Mind
Four hours latter SOUND were set to neutral by CVA and purged from provibloc voice comms and forums.  While standings had been reset to neutral and SOUND had lost most access (they retained regional intel access and access to the internal leadership diplo channel) they had not been made KOS as there were hopes that there still might be a diplomatic solution.  However after the station name change was noted and the banner on their killboard was changed showing that they had an internal spy who was screenshoting comments made by CVA members KOS admins made the decision to finalize the reset and SOUND were set KOS.

As of this moment Operations are happening in the area to remove usability and assets from SOUND systems.  All Provibloc members are encouraged to attend CTAs announced in P-Fleet.

Altogether these recent turn of events have sadden a large number of provi-bloc members.  Many have fond memories of working with SOUND FCs and members.  In the end, a post from another provi-bloc executor probably sums everything up best.

For the record I must state that SOUND are generally great guys, they have done a lot of good around Providence and certainly deserved their place among holders. They have and will always have my respect for their tireless efforts. However, when it comes to the past (few) week(s) there seems to have been a steady decline in diplomatic relations and civility. I was not there to witness it all personally, but from the logs I have seen, the language used by Xavier was fairly colorful. Since then they have blatantly posted screen shots of secure forums on their website, they have renamed their stations to taunt us further... 
It isn't that we don't want to back down... I, and everyone else in leadership, want a peaceful diplomatic solution... However, the choice isn't ours. This escalated in such a way that the ball is now in Xaviers corner... CVA and VOLT diplos did all they could to prevent this... and I still wish they would have succeeded... However, it seems SOUND has their mind set on war... why? no clue... 
If SOUND wants this to end... then they need to return to the table, sit down, and negotiate in a civil manner. They claim that all they want is respect... but the thing is... the way Xavier spoke to his allies... is respect-less... so if they want the respect that they deserve for all their efforts in Providence (because yes, they do deserve respect for that) then they need to, like I said, return to the table, sit down and negotiate in a civil manner. CVA and VOLT are not evil, I know them to be fairly reasonable and respectful... however, when met with a respect-less attitude and verbal abuse for days without end... what else can they do apart from upping the bet? Apart from issuing the ultimatum that was issued... 
So, sadly, unless SOUND returns to the table with a clear intent to end the fighting... no one in this will back down...
Several Edits: Combat logs adjusted after new logs turned in, added more local log.

Codo Yagari Retires as Executor of Yulai Federation

Codo Yagari
Earlier this month Codo Yagari announced his retirement from active executor of Yulai Federation.  Siting fatigue and discomfort Codo reported that he was tired and simply needed a vacation.  Snoodard Thrasy has been appointed temporary executor until the intricately complicated process that is the democratic system of Yulai Federation elects a new executor.

For his retirement destination, Codo has chosen the Cohortes Vigilum corporation of CVA.

Alliance Tournament XI

Its that time of year again.  The alliance tournament XI has been going for two weeks now.  Providence had three alliances participating this year.  Curatores Veritatis Alliance,  Of Sound Mind, and The Fourth District, each have fielded teams during the first two weeks.

Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Day 1 Saturday July 20 Match 3: Curatores Veritatis Alliance vs R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. (100-24) Win
Day 2 Sunday July 21 Match 34: Curatores Veritatis Alliance vs The Ronin (41-53) LOSS
Day 3 Saturday July 27 Match 68: Perihelion Alliance vs Curatores Veritatis Alliance (0-100) WIN
Day 4 Sunday July 28 Match 90: Circle of Two vs Curatores Veritatis Alliance (21-100) WIN
Day 4 Sunday July 28 Match 98: Curatores Veritatis Alliance vs Transmission Lost (100-0) WIN

Of Sound Mind

Day 1 Saturday July 20 Match 1: Of Sound Mind vs Your Votes Don't Count (0-100) LOSS
Day 2 Sunday July 21 Match 48: SCUM vs Of Sound Mind (100-26) Loss

The Fourth District

Day 1 Saturday July 20 Match 8: Perihelion Alliance vs The Fourth District (20-100) WIN
Day 2 Sunday July 21 Match 36: Rote Kapelle vs The Fourth District (100-3) LOSS
Day 3 Saturday July 27 Match 66: R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. vs The Fourth District (54-26) LOSS

While CVA has advanced through five matches losing only one to The Ronin, at least one fight (Match 68) was thrown by their opponents who MWJD out of the arena.  Latter fights however have shown the CVA team to be a strong contender.  Of Sound Mind fought hard opponents early on and lost their first two matches.  The Fourth District won their first match but lost the second and third matches.  Follow links for specific fight details and youtube video links with commentary.

CVA's next opponent will be SCUM in Match 109 on August 3rd at 15:00.  The winner of that goes on to face Darkside. in Match 113 at 16:00, also on August 3rd.

Provi News wishes to congratulate all the Provi Bloc participants of the Alliance Tournament XI so far and we hope you'll join us in cheering on the CVA team this weekend on Day 4!

Hashu Blog: Summer

Some will probably notice that Provi News got very quiet over the last month or two.  For the first time in several years I can say with confidence that the summer bug bit quite successfully and I have not been around.  That is not to say that nothing has happened as we have seen quite a lot including success in the first two weeks of Alliance Tournament XI as well as a four week campaign by CVA in the Amarr Faction Warfare milita.  Sadly all good times come to an end and unfortunately this one will end more violently as anticipated.  Stay tuned for new news updates from Providence.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Apocalypse Now Announces The Construction of a New Outpost (68)

Huijgen, CEO of Organized-Chaos announced the construction of a new outpost in X-4WZD today:

Yet again Apocalypse Now. can add another station to its name. This morning we
installed the 4th APOC station, a Gallente Administrative Outpost. With this station
we have a station of each race in a 4 system radius ( including the one in S9X ).
At first we wanted the station to be a suprise to the alliance. Thats why no other
people where put in the loop of this project. But after 1,5 week the info that we where
working on this station was leaked somehow and we came to the conclusion that
people where feeling left out and really wanted to contribute. So we opened the
remainder of the project for donations. After opening for donations it took another
1,5 weeks for the remainder of the materials to be collected. 
 So in the end gathering all materials only took 3 weeks. If you are interrested what 
and how many materials you need to build a Gallente oupost you can press the
following link to see the sheet that I used during the gathering and building of the

After those 3 weeks (and for that he deserves a special thank you) Shockwaves2009
who also build all station parts, assembled and build the station ''egg'.'
 I also want to thank the following corporations for donating several billions worth of Minerals, Pi goods and time. 
 Farstriders - 5er3nity inc - Burning Skies - N.U.R.S.E - PMW POSworks - Center Haus and REFORD an alliance operating out of x-4
Also a special thanks to Sienna and his gang for providing the freighter escort from 
highsec to our pocket. And also to all who helped defending while installing the station.
I hope everyone who visits our pocket, may it be APOC , Coalition or blues enjoys this
station and can make good use of it.
CEO of Organized-Chaos
Alliance Officer


VOLT Constructs Provi's 67th Outpost (67)

On June 6th Fink Operations of the Holder alliance 'The Volition Cult' constructed a Gallente outpost in D-6WS1.  This outpost brings VOLTS outpost count up to five and bringing Providence's regional count up to 67.  Denizens of Providence are encouraged to pay D-GWS1 a visit to see the new "Finko Divine Space Center.

Monday, June 3, 2013

NRDS Kill Stats for May 2013

With Mohamad joining NC. this months stats were put together by Ladel Teravada from CAIN of 4th Fleet.  Some adjustments include a Red for worst and pink for second to worst.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

NRDS Kill Stats for April 2013

They're BACK!  Big thanks to Moohamad Transporte of Yulai Guard 1st Fleet, Yulai Federation for putting this together again!

Eve Video: Eve Online, CVA Summer Gifts

A collection of various clips from several fights during April by Leonidas Amarri of [PAK2], CVA

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Eve Video: Free Ship Fleet Roams

EVE Online | Provibloc - Free Ship Fleet (Kestrels) | 2013-05-03 & 2013-05-05 

A Trio of fights from Early May 2013, many thanks to Pure KickAss for creating the video

1. @00:00 Provibloc VS Darkness of Despair 2013-05-03
FC: Jin'taan / Free Ship Fleet
Video: Pure KickAss
Music: Blackmill - A Reach For Glory (Full Version)

2. @04:10 Provibloc VS Brave Newbies Inc. 2013-05-03
FC: Jin'taan / Free Ship Fleet
Video: Pure KickAss
Music: Blackmill - Lucid Truth (Full Version)

3. @08:44 Provibloc VS Brave Newbies Inc. 2013-05-05
FC: Jin'taan / Free Ship Fleet
Video: Pure KickAss
Music: Trifonic - Baalbek (Hecq Remix)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Congragulations to CSM 8!

Ali Aras

Providence News wishes to congratulate all of the winners of the CSM8 elections.  We especially wish to congratulate our local representative who won, Ali Aras.  Better luck next time CoreBloodBrothers!

CSM 8 Winners Listed In Alphabetical Order:

Ali Aras
Chitsa Jason
James Arget
Kesper North
Mangala Solaris
Mike Azariah
Ripard Teg
Sala Cameron
Sort Dragon
Trebor Daehdoow

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sev3rance Fleet Kill Traveling Raiden. Aeon

On April 20th, 2013, Madison Lisa Ivy of S0utherN ComforT, a meber of Raiden. was caught and killed by a Sev3rance fleet which scrambled after Royaldo of Kongsberg Vaapenfabrikk Amarr Branch of Sev3rance tracked reported the cyno and aeon.  

For the full story see this article by Marlona Sky @ TheMittani.

Aeon Killmail

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Provi Block's CSM Candidates

This year, Providence is home to two excellent CSM candidates, Ali Aras and corebloodbrothers. Ali is a fresh voice for new and independent players, and corebloodbrothers is an experienced FC and leader, both in game and out.

Ali’s platform can be found here, and core’s can be found here. Providence will be supporting them as our first and second choices on our ballots, and we hope to send at least one to Iceland. Check them out, spread the word, and VOTE!
Brought to you on behalf of Ali Aras and corebloodbrothers

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Eve Videos: Ziriert Fight 3.25.2013

Battle Report Courtesy of Mohamad Transporte of Yulai Federation

"We, the citizens of the holy land providence are destined to be honored among others, for those who seek honour out in the dark shall not prevail" ~ Quote, Unknown Provibloc Priest
Yesterday, After having several attacks by a new visitor to our holy land, Lost obsession had decided to commit a medium sized assault to dominate the low sec entrance to Providence and capture all POCOs generating taxation income for the servants of the empire
An Old Guard FC was recalled from the lands of the dead to Lead the mighty abaddon fleet of the Provibloc. Everyone hopped to his ship once the word was spread and Dyntheos the great couldn't hold the Hellcats from warping into the formup station until hundred and ten Pilots have shadowed the sun rising on that awaited day
"PL Scout in system" Jimmy the Handicap Child shouted... Beware of the evil Dooms... Dyntheos stood up between the crowd and said "No evil shall be feared today, as god is watching our faithful hearts"
The might abaddon fleet started moving to destination, in low sec.. Ships started to re-inforce enemy poco awaiting for their show up. Brave enough, Lost obsession and their Factional War friends started manually flying to the same system, once they jumped, the abaddon fleet directly warped in to 0. High damage lasers were installed and a heavy brawling between our forces and the enemies. Dyntheos started to call primaries... legions started falling one by one and once the Bhaalghorns started to be primaried, Scream was on Radio frequency "CYNO .. CYNO is up" ... Enemy archons where in field to support the Huge dps abaddons were causing, Proviblock switched dps to the triaged archon... and it took them 20 seconds to melt it down, It was jimmy this time in his trimbling voice.. another cyno is up , dreads are on field.....
At that moment, Silence prevailed on comms, Dyntheos un-volunteerly said "Republicov... light the cyno" .... light the cyno? everyone was surprised, as its well known that provibloc are too poor to buy any caps... Dyntheos in low wise voice has asked the women and children of Providence to pray in these hard moments...
Strangely enough, Dreads started to pour out of the cyno, 10 dreads on field Are fighting beside us, sent by Princess Jamyl Sarum of the amarrian empire... Moral was boosted as enemy dreads were being shredded apart.. and subcaps started focusing their fire again on the expensive Factional Battleships the enemy has field... as those Battleships were going down, Dyntheos has ordered the Soldiers to focus on Guardians on field.. after 8 and more guardians fell down, the enemies decided to de-aggro and jump out leaving northing but wrecks and memories of a good fight everyone enjoyed that evening
The ministry of loot has announced that over 9 billion worth of dropped modules the enemy left on field were enough to compensate the 3 empire dreads lost on that fight

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Guess Who Is BACK!!!!

We here at Provi News would like to welcome back Hidetoshi Rushd from the Northlands of Razor.

After a little more than three month stay in 4S corporation of Razor alliance, Hidetoshi returned to Pentag Blade of CVA where he has once again began FCing Provi Bloc fleets..

Video of F&F (03/09/13) roam into Delve which engages CFC fleet before getting sandwiched between CFC and HBC fleets.

Note because of the threeway the boards are pretty messy all the losses on the right side are Provi Bloc losses and most of them came after the TEST fleet arrived.

PDDC leave CVA

On February 24th, FrizlL3 announced internally that Pure Dutch Damage Corp would be leaving CVA

As you all might have noticed PDDC hasn't been very active last couple of months.
This is mainly caused due to lack of challange for us.
Most of my guys have been in and Providence and Domain for years now and in need for somethinge else, something new.
We're still unsure about what it is we are gonna do, but it will probably be away from Domain and Provi.
At this point there's no concrete plans about joining another alliance, but we are leaving CVA.
For now we will probably just be some random low sec NBSI corp.
Some of our members will leave PDDC and seak for new shelter some place else in CVA.
It has been an honour flying with you guys, chances are we will be back some day to fight for the good again
We will be leaving the alliance when we have moved our stuff, and have found a new home for our members that decide to stay in Providence.
We wish you all the best and see you in space.


We wish PDDC the best of luck, whenever they aren't shooting us of course.

We Still Live

During the past month and a half the Provi Bloc has been waging a campaign against the alliance Broken Toys in Derelik.  It was decided to not release information about the campaign inorder to keep the area quiet from third party interference.  That in combination with several private matters resulted in no stories since January.  With the conclusion of the Broken Toys campaign last night the moratorium on Providence News releases has been lifted.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Hashu Blog: Providence Overviews

With the re-emergence of Polaris Project as a strength in CVA we've seen a few friendly fire incidents because of sec status.  Therefore we are proud to present the following image, originally created by Sandra Voi, a well known local resident and CVA member who has suffered from these attacks quite frequently.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Construction of Imperial Haven Announced (63)

The construction of the 63rd Outpost in Providence was reported after downtime tonight by Rovern Hashu, CEO of Imperial Dreams, in CVA alliance chat.  Several months in the making, this project was financed by donations from Imperial Dreams members.

Initial deployment was tense as a rouge THORN alliance manticore pilot logged into system just as the Egg was beginning its anchoring process, luckily the bomber pilot did not investigate why the freighter had been in system and logged off with 20-30 minutes left on the anchor.  The egg anchored with roughly 30 minutes to move all the materials in from the neighboring station in 3GXF-U before downtime, with a fleet of two arks and two Providences IG pilots were able to move materials safely with the help of several Polaris Project and 4th District pilots providing security and webs.

The egg was filled with several minutes to spare and placed into build, ending a night of frantic and stressful last minute hauling trips and efforts.

We at IG would like to first and foremost thank ourselves for the long-drawn out resource gathering process as the project was delayed for several months due to outside issues.  We would also like to thank Polaris Project members for titan bridges and freighter hauling as well as 4th district and other CVA members for scouts and escorts during the construction process.  Lastly we must thank one Balder Con for his acquisition of plutonium.  We couldn't have done it (as easily) without you.

This construction marks the 63rd outpost in Providence, reducing the number of systems without an outpost to 21.