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Merry Christmas Providence!

While it is still Christmas Eve for me, people are starting to slip into Christmas so from CVA to all of you . . .

Image Curtusy of Hexentanz and TETIC of CVA

(61) Basilica of Maxentius Finishes Completion Ahead of Schedule

The Amarr Outpost "Basilica of Maxentius" was opened for business on December 20th, 2012.  Several days ahead of the previously announced schedule.  Tasha Diabolique of Silent Infinity made a press release

Silent Infinity [AFK] is pleased to announce the birth of our latest factory outpost in H-GKI6.  This Amarr Manufacturing facility has an upgradeable number of build slots with fitting, factory, cloning, and repair basic services.  
This outpost is named after the historical Basilica of Maxentius in Rome which was the largest building in the Roman Forum using the most advanced engineering characteristics.
Many thanks to the following who made this possible:
  • Magic Crisp the builder of the facility, his director Aeryn Zarniwoop, and his corporation Amarrian Micro Devices [-AMD-], who obviously enjoys building the tiniest of EVE’s devices.  Amarrian Micro Devices members who hauled slaves (yes slaves) for the glory of the Amarrian empire to complete the build.  This third outpost build project completion was temporarily named “Another Micro Device” at birth.

  • Knights Introna, CEO of Space Underground [SUPNY] the corporation that fully funded this project and retains ownership of the outpost.

  • Our friends and allies in CVA for the support given to us to aid in our growth and development.

  • Veldspar miners all over Providence and Domain.

Moons are freely available to blues with advance permission.  Neutrals must apply to be blue before consideration.  Please contact Raely, executor of Silent Infinity [AFK] about moon availability and standings by evemail with your request.

Magic Crisp also had several comments on the completed outpost...

This one went well, no messing up, no adventures, apart from sneaking freighters through KBP with reds, all around a good job.
With the completion of this outpost, 61 of Providence's 84 systems now have outposts.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Deus Fides Empire Service Award YC114 ceremony

Deus Fides Empire Service Award YC114 ceremony
The Deus Fides Empire Corporation

The Deus Fides Empire Service Award Ceremony will be officiated today by Lady Helena Aqua caerule CEO of Deus Fides Empire and Head of the House Aqua caerule .
The Deus Fides Empire Service Award is meant to show appreciation by the Corporation to the Pilots who have helped deliver over 1000 kills, quality service and who can be exemplified by all others in the ministry, the alliance, the NRDS coalition, as well as the common person on the street in any city on any planet in Amarrian Providence.

A total of 65 pilots of the Deus Fides Empire: all faithful servants of the Empress, the Empire, and God, will receive this award today. Three of the pilots Eddie Metal, HeadwarP, and Darus Thorn, have also received cash prizes totaling to three hundred million isk. This is of course for being on the 1000th killmail for the corporation.
Captain Rorin Cutter will in his speech, urge the DFE. staff to think outside the box, to be creative and innovative and to strengthen their skills through continuous learning and knowledge as well as continually honing the fighting ability that this corporation shows all so well every single day. This in turn will help transform the service to Amarrian goals and achieving of Deus Fides Empire ultimate goal of becoming a corporation of warriors, priests as well as industry pilots together and working to Gods will, into a glorious reality. He will also emphasize on the aspects of discipline and integrity, a quality that each and every pilot must possess in order to determine the success of this great organization.

Deus Fides Empire,
Northern Providence Seminary, QR-K85 III
16 December YC114
We at Provi News wish to congragulate the DFE Service Award recipents for YC114!
Initial announcement made in Providence Zone, the Citadel Forums by Rorin Cutter. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 10th Report

December 10th saw several important engagements across Providence and Lower Domain.

A Hellcat fleet was formed to assault the Tribal NEO moon in Ziriert but ran into problems forming up when the staging system in Providence was camped by a 100 man HBC Sniper Oracle fleet.  After some maneuvering the HBC fleet was lured over to i7s, allowing the fleet to fully form back in d-gtmi.  Using cruiser tackle, the Hellcat fleet than manged to engage the oracles in I7S.  After skirmishing the Oracles pulled out and were pipebombed by an unrelated RnK fleet a few jumps latter.

After the I7S engagement the Hellcat fleet moved on to its primary mission, the Tribal Neo POS in Ziriert.  While the POS was destroyed several of the modules became bugged, retaining their 99% resists that they receive in reinforcement mode even with he tower itself destroyed.  This forced the fleet to sit in Ziriert for over an hour, waiting for CCP GMs to fix the issue so that 4th could erect their own POS.  During this time Fleet Command was handed off to another FC.

Beyond this point the information I personally have is a bit sketchy.  For some reason the Hellcat fleet was titan bridged to 9uy were they engaged a PL Rohk fleet.  Out gunned and outmaneuvered, PL manage to severely cripple the Providence Hellcat fleet who were forced to withdraw.

I7S Killreport:
RnK Pipebomb in G7 Report:

Ziriert Kill Report:

9UY Killreport:

Information on first two fights provided by internal BR by Ladel Teravada from 4th District

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hashu Blog: EN24 Rebutal

On December 7th Riverini released a poorly investigated 'the sky is crumbling' piece on CVA quoting two FC farewell speaches and a short bit from this site.  While I'm sure his intent was 'informative to the general public' in nature his three sentence analysis were far flung and misleading.

CVA/Providence Coalition has lost its lead FC’s (EU TZ Hidetoshi Rushd and US TZ Tyrus Tenebros) in a period of a month due to internal drama. With these two instigators gone, CVA is crumbling.   ~ Riverini, EN24

 First and most important to understand is the loss of Tyrus was a radically different and probably much deeper loss to CVA and the region.  Tyrus has been a CVA member for over four and a half years and was the driving factor in the rebuilding of the Celestial Janissaries after the 'disappearance' of its CEO, Lonewolfnight.  He has been instrumental over the last year in getting some organization set up during the US TZ on the part of CVA who have since their inception been a heavy EU tz alliance.  His and the loss of Rory, another active US TZ CJ FC as well as Garreck, famous for the development of 'in action' roleplay and as the first non-ammarian character to become a member of CVA.  These are not new people brushing up against 'old guard' as some would like people to believe, but they themselves are old guard looking for a different pasture after numerous years.

A lot can be said about Hidetoshi leaving.  As a bloc level FC with experience he was most definitely a important FC to the coalition.  He helped develop an independent reimbursement program and along with Danny John-Peter and the 'old guard FC's" that people like to blame helped refine todays fleet doctrines.  However, Hidetoshi struggled with not being 'incharge' and when the one or two people who could overrule him in strategic decisions did or when he was internally criticized by people other than himself he would cause problems (Which honestly fits right in with the other CVA FCs).  The final straw for Hidetoshi was an internal rebutal for trying to pick a fight with a powerful third entity when PL/TEST activity was rapidly rising and he was told no.

The loss of both FCs is felt, both by CVA and the powerbloc at large.  However these events are no evidence of a failscade or a crumbling of the Alliance.  CVA has been around since November of 2004, with over 8 years of history we have gone through many cycles and many staffing losses over the years.  Policies have changed, faces have changed, enemies have changed, but CVA has continued to survive and while not always in the best manner, has continued to adapt to the environment around it.  Already several individuals, some new faces, others old, have stepped up to fill in the holes left by our departing friends.  The sky is not falling, the world is not crumbling, things are simply evolving.

~ Rovern Hashu, Imperial Dreams CEO, Curatores Veritatis Alliance

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Good Bye Tyrus Tenebros

Early this morning, Tyrus Tenebros, a major US TZ FC from CVA announced his planned withdrawal from Celestial Jannisaries and CVA in the Holder section of theCitadel Forums.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
 It is with some reservation that I announce that I will be leaving Curatores Veritatis Alliance and the providence region to move on to an organization in Syndicate.
After the New Eden Open, I have decided to join Stimulus in Rote Kapelle.  Some of the veterans of this region may recognize them as historic enemies of CVA, but at current they are far from our AO and have respect for our more well known fighters.  They are dedicated and highly skilled PvPers and I look forward to causing havoc with them. [...]

The loss of Tyrus as the senior CVA US timezone FC levels a serious blow on CVA US timezone activities   What his loss will mean for the attempted rebuilding of Celestial Jannisaries after the withdrawal of Lonewolfnight remains to be seen.  Current rumors also have several other prominent US timezone CVA and CJ members following with Tyrus including Garreck (AMDEF/TLOS) and Rory Pruzis (CJ) but this has yet to be confirmed.

We, the Hashu Family, wish Tyrus and those leaving the best of luck with their future Eve-Online endeavors    You guys will be sorely missed.

November Reviewed: Increased HBC Activity in Providence

The last several weeks has seen a lot of excitement, action, and bruised nerves as South Providence has seen a heightened presence of HBC activity.

Things started at the beginning of November with several attempts by Tribal and friends to hit 4th Districts Neo moon in Ziriert.  The first initial assaults were defeated by Providence Coalitions in for the most part overwhelming wins but the tide turned when HBC jumped the repair fleet after the last Tribal hit on November 18th, destroying the POS and replacing it with a Tribe one.  Providence forces began pinging and incapping modules over the next few days before reinforcing the POS.  The POS came out in late US tz on the 23rd and when Providence only managed to turn up with 40-50 man fleet, they decided to try to skirmish with naga's instead of using a heavy doctrine to face the 150+ HBC man fleet.

After a bit of roundabout smacking and shitposting by various affiliated and unaffiliated individuals on the Kugutsumen forums, Providence rudely awakened a few days latter to a PL tower in the TETIC system of FSW.

On November 29th PL SBUed FSW resulting in the loss of two PL carriers and several thrashers.  On December 3rd PL once again SBUed FSW resulting in a BC flight between several Provi BC fleets and a HBC drake fleet.  The SBUs (the PL ones and the CVA ninja'ed SBU) were all destroyed.

On top of the hostile POS and SBUing several CVA jumpbridges have been incapped several times by PL supercapitals.  While the disruption to travel in Providence has been for the most part fairly minor, it is cause for concern as PL supercapital activity in Providence continues to grow.

As of right now Residents are advised to be wary of moving expensive cargo and ships through the jumpbridge networks and to utilize intel channels heavily when they do to avoid unnecessary losses.

Killboard Links:

4th Tower Loss (Note battlereport is messy as its combining the tribal fight with the HBC hit an hour latter)

Nov 29th FSW SBU Fight

Dec 3rd FSW SBU Fight