Sunday, March 10, 2013

PDDC leave CVA

On February 24th, FrizlL3 announced internally that Pure Dutch Damage Corp would be leaving CVA

As you all might have noticed PDDC hasn't been very active last couple of months.
This is mainly caused due to lack of challange for us.
Most of my guys have been in and Providence and Domain for years now and in need for somethinge else, something new.
We're still unsure about what it is we are gonna do, but it will probably be away from Domain and Provi.
At this point there's no concrete plans about joining another alliance, but we are leaving CVA.
For now we will probably just be some random low sec NBSI corp.
Some of our members will leave PDDC and seak for new shelter some place else in CVA.
It has been an honour flying with you guys, chances are we will be back some day to fight for the good again
We will be leaving the alliance when we have moved our stuff, and have found a new home for our members that decide to stay in Providence.
We wish you all the best and see you in space.


We wish PDDC the best of luck, whenever they aren't shooting us of course.

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