Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hashu Blog: Thump Thump

After disappearing for two months I decided to withdraw from my coalition and alliance positions and stepped down as CEO of Imperial Dreams.  I felt it was not fair to my coalition, alliance, and corporation to hold important positions and responsibility and not be around to fulfill them.  Ironically this move coincided with a major real-life move and job searching time.  Meaning I had a lot of free time and suddenly have become more active in the month of November than I have probably been for all of 2013 prior.  I have refrained from 'reactivating' Provi News as I will likely be starting a new job in December and I didn't want to start again if I am just going to disappear.  So while I may occasionally post some information, please be aware it will likely be sporadic and not as regular as it had been previously.

I also started playing League of Legends this summer and am slowly grinding my way to lvl 30, hopefully will have it by the time season 4 comes out of preseason.  If you want to play a few games I'm on the NA server (Rovern Hashu), send me a friend invite and let me know your eve character and corporation/alliance in the friend request.

Edit: Also . . . Happy Thanksgiving Americans!  May you stuff yourself with Turkey and have peaceful naps while watching the football games and parades today!

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