Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Excitement in FX-7EM

Disclaimer: At the moment I have not been briefed on specifics of these incidents so can only report hearsay.

Around the beginning of June Unity Continuum left Supernova Federation.  Now corps leave alliances all the time but in this case, UCONT were the owners of the outpost "Poop's Porch" in FX-7EM.  At first people didn't notice until someone had to pay a docking fee.  CVA command was informed and inquiry's were made but no overt action taken as it was believed from CVA's end that it was simply a mistake or internal SNF matter and that would get sorted.

That proved to be a mistake as on June 4th someone entered CVA-Diplo and point blank asked about the FX system.  People who have visited CVA-Diplo on previous occasions might have noticed that we often have KOS individuals from local groups who often idle in our diplo channel for various reasons.  These individuals include several prominent -A- members.  The report is that within a short time of the situation being mentioned in FX a -a- Supercarrier fleet appeared in system and flipped the renaming it "AAA Providence Freeport"

Provi Holders responded quickly with TSOE deploying a stealthbomber fleet which successfully managed to keep the shields low until a larger region wide-fleet managed to re-flip the outpost and put it firmly back into Supernova Federation hands.  At this point the outpost and system is securely in Holders hands. 

The exact reasons behind UCONT's actions remain unknown however they have since been declared KOS and are to be shot on site.

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