Wednesday, June 6, 2012

VOLT upgrades Refinery

Earlier today Volt Cult announced the upgrade of Volition Prime in SI-I89 from a 35% refinery to 40%.

Agent Stone released this statement on their Community Site:

After the recent Call to Arms (CTA) we have now achieved another alliance first with the upgrading of SI-I89 VII – Volition Prime from a 35% Refinery to 40% Refinery. It took a lot of isk, work and planning and was only possible from us working together.

Thanks to everyone who has helped directly with logistics and planning as well as those of you who helped indirectly through paying taxes, providing donations or attending alliance operations to give us the military and industrial muscle required.

SI-I89 VII – Volition Prime upgrade is permanent. Not much is permanent in Eve Online, but this outpost can now provide perfect reprocessing because of our efforts. It is a sign of our commitment to Providence and keeps it competitive with the many other upgraded outposts in Providence.


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