Sunday, August 26, 2012


Outpost #58 was built today by TSOE Consortium in the starsystem TXJ-II deep in the 2V pocket.  As the second factory outpost in the pocket, "Tress Punto's" will greatly boost the production capabilities of the pocket and will be a shining beacon of the prosperity that Providence residences have been experiencing over the past several months.  After this construction only two systems in the 2v pocket lack outposts, C1-HAB owned by CVA, and 2V-CS5 owned by TSOE Consortium.  At present there are no publicly known plans for more outposts in the area.


  1. Did we forget that Apocalypse Now put up a station too?

  2. Unfortunately i generally don't watch dotlan that much to see who puts up new outposts. I only knew about TXJ because of a thread or two on theCitadel forums. If Provi groups put up a new outpost or do major upgrades and wish to do a public announcment I am more than happy to do so, just need to have them send me an eve-mail.


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