Saturday, August 18, 2012

July: Leonidas Amarri Collection Additoins

While I have been away on a self-enforced vacation from EVE, CVA has seen a blossoming in young talent and new fleet commanders.  July saw over 2500 Kills on CVA Killboards, a statistic not seen since April of 2010 during the first Reconquista efforts.  (Highest combat activity goes to January/February 2010 during the 'Invasion').

With this blossoming of activity has seen a significant spike in CVA fleet video releases including several new additions to the Leonidas Amarri collection.

Leonidas Amarri Collection additions:

Eve Online CVA In Catch
Random Frig Wolfpaxs
(Leonidas Amarri - Released July 18 2012)

CVA Drakes vs AAA Tornado
July 17th Roam Q-U96U
(Leonidas Amarri - Released July 17 2012)

Eve Online CVA vs AAA July
July 7th CVA BC Stain Roam
(Leonidas Amarri - Released July 9 2012)

Eve Online CVA Fights Update
Random Fights
(Leonidas Amarri - Released July 5 2012) (GE-8JV) (3-OKDA)

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