Monday, January 28, 2013

Construction of Imperial Haven Announced (63)

The construction of the 63rd Outpost in Providence was reported after downtime tonight by Rovern Hashu, CEO of Imperial Dreams, in CVA alliance chat.  Several months in the making, this project was financed by donations from Imperial Dreams members.

Initial deployment was tense as a rouge THORN alliance manticore pilot logged into system just as the Egg was beginning its anchoring process, luckily the bomber pilot did not investigate why the freighter had been in system and logged off with 20-30 minutes left on the anchor.  The egg anchored with roughly 30 minutes to move all the materials in from the neighboring station in 3GXF-U before downtime, with a fleet of two arks and two Providences IG pilots were able to move materials safely with the help of several Polaris Project and 4th District pilots providing security and webs.

The egg was filled with several minutes to spare and placed into build, ending a night of frantic and stressful last minute hauling trips and efforts.

We at IG would like to first and foremost thank ourselves for the long-drawn out resource gathering process as the project was delayed for several months due to outside issues.  We would also like to thank Polaris Project members for titan bridges and freighter hauling as well as 4th district and other CVA members for scouts and escorts during the construction process.  Lastly we must thank one Balder Con for his acquisition of plutonium.  We couldn't have done it (as easily) without you.

This construction marks the 63rd outpost in Providence, reducing the number of systems without an outpost to 21.

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