Monday, January 14, 2013

South Providence Erupts in Violence

This past weekend saw several CVA towers assaulted, two in INQ and the jumpbridge POS in D-GTMI by elements of the HBC, believed to be led this time by THORN alliance.  The INQ area saw several fights between numerous separate entities such as Initiative., Darkside, Rooks and Kings/ Pure Madness, CVA, and the HBC.  It eventually saw the two towers saved by CVA with good fights seemingly for all sides.

In D-GTMI Providence forces faired less well, seeing a much smaller fleet welped into a larger HBC fleet and the lost of the tower to HBC dreads.  (This time assets were in place for the quick replacement of the jumpbridge instead of the several day delay that was suffered in the previous loss of the bridge to PL lead HBC forces.)

What makes these assaults on CVA soverign pos' more interesting is the statements of one 'Alphastarpilot' of Thorn alliance on the Kugutsumen forums

After one corp in CVA (W.A.S.P if I am not mistaken) reinforces several moon goo towers in Northern Catch, to no avail, they send a threat saying they will keep hitting our towers. So we go give CVA a taste of their own medicine.

A quick inquiry amongst the accused corporation painted a slightly different picture.  After the retreat of -a- forces W.A.S.P saw an opportunity and quietly towered several semi-valuable moons in -a- renter space that had been abandoned.  When North Providence Blues took than were forced to relinquish the previous -a- renter space THORN swooped in for the grab taking the systems.  Logically they wanted the moons as they now owned the space.  In stead of just asking for W.A.S.P to remove the POS they of course threatened W.A.S.P.  W.A.S.P members removed some POS but feeling angsty didn't pull all of their towers down so logically Thorn started assaulting W.A.S.P towers.  Of course W.A.S.P members didn't really expect to hold the moons but after being threatened weren't really going to just roll over and retaliated, reinforcing several weak THORN miner towers in the area.   THORN responded by threatening to remove CVA and Co from Providence.  W.A.S.P retaliated by reinforcing a few more towers.  And now THORN have called on their HBC brethren to hit CVA towers in Providence INCLUDING key infrastructure positions.

At no time, according to W.A.S.P leadership were THORN ever threatened.  With these key exchanges its hard to say which way this confrontation will go as THORN will logically use all HBC forces they can as will CVA use Providence forces to defend their towers and space.  With the constant chance of interference from third parties such as Darkside. and Rook and Kings, its likely any sort of escalation could get ugly and impede the semi-peaceful development of Providence as conflict always increases outside attention to an area.  At this time its suggested that Providence residents keep their eyes on fleet and intel channels and have contingency plans in case the jumpbridges are removed again.

Kugutsumen Post 

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  1. So HBC's ultimate goal is to take revenge on providence cos a corp caused problems to thorn?
    W.A.S.P is a 30 man corp (wich as always) I believe 20 are not active. So 10 players caused SO MUCH TROUBLE to the grand THORN that they ask HBC for help? heh. I asked around and i think only 4 members of WASP popped their poses and scared them...


  2. "When North Providence Blues took than were forced to relinquish the previous -a- renter space THORN swooped in for the grab taking the systems."

    I remember that. Some Provibloc alliance (SCTRY I think?) took a couple systems, CVA freaked out and reset them until they gave up the sov on the moons, because they were afraid of pissing off hbc or something.

    Way to treat your blues, CVA. You're almost as bad as -A-.

    1. It was more along the lines that they were told NOT to take the systems multiple times or they would lose intel access and standings in Providence and they took them anyway than when we made good on what we had told them they backpedaled. The bigger issue was volt taking systems immediately after, even though we had made it clear you chose provi or catch.

  3. and your anonymous input means as much as the turd on the toilet paper after I wiped my ass.


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