Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Executor Statement over SOUND reset

Equinox Daedalus

Equinox Daedalus, Executor of the Curatores Veritatis Alliance, released a statement to ProviBloc leadership earlier today over the resetting of "Of a Sound Mind."

I'll post a few things here as it was a busy day yesterday and last night when got home and was helping to shoot boring structures!!!
1. CVA has been the defacto "arbitrator" and "voice" in providence for many years (when we have had control). Every alliance in providence that has Sov is given it with a handshake deal and the general agreement and understanding that
You are accepting sov under conditions where you can't simply do whatever you wish. There are general rules and policies in place for all of providence that are to be followed to the best  of your abilities while you are here, and that any issues are worked out with cva becoming the final arbitrator  because someone has to be. CVA in return shows up (usually as the top force) for most every action we have knowledge of important ops or ctas, as well as working with building your alliance up and helping your alliance out in other ways (unified doctrines, coordination with others, force multipliers,unified voice, unified kos list, forums and many other programs that providence has) in the hopes of building a great providence community.
2. If you think of yourself as a pet, that is what you will become. While it is correct that people will always say "cva and pets" or "cva and providence" and "providence pets" etc etc you should understand that CVA tries not to promote this and does not believe in this. We work with people in regards to getting them equal shares and parts and good moons and we don't take for simply allowing you to be in providence. There are no rental fees there are no fees for being blue. There are no massive ctas and fleet requirements to join providence and become a part of the area and eventually become a holder. All we have ever done is given people a chance to become better. CVA doesn't put alts in your alliances to spy on you, CVA doesn't make you all join a "providence alliance" to be here. Your all given freedom and autonomy with basic general guidelines of providence policies that allow you to make your own decisions as to how/what/why you are in providence and what you want to do.
3. The issues between sound and volt are small. Much like in life however, a grain of sand that gets into a oyster can make a pearl, or things can end up with just a stone that is annoying and eventually causes issues. There have been many chances on both sides to become a pearl, unfortunately it seems that it only formed and became a kidney stone. I have always tried to be fair and make decisions that both sides could live with and save face upon, but at the end of the day SOUND did not want to compromise upon what they thought was unfair to them. But you can also see that there has been and there are always options open and always ways to solve things and save face, of which i can give 2 examples :
A few months ago a foolish Volt member accidently placed a jf on contract publically for 0 isk when it was meant to be contracted to a specific party. Xavier saw the freighter on contract, and accepted it which is his right to do as it was a public contract. Volt contacted him and after a bit asked to have it returned for a reward (much like finding a wallet full of cash on the street). and he refused, saying he would sell it back to them at a fair market price. after a bit of back and forth I was asked to mediate this, and asked Xavier for a favor, return the freighter for good faith and get the reward that they offered (which was 1 bil isk, not exactly chump change) and he steadfast refused. Eventually he said he would take 3 bil for it, so i personally paid for the jf and gave it back to volt. 
Flash forward, to some random volt member, some months later, going rogue and destroying a faction fit blue mach. Volt immediately kicked and fully reimbursed the blue, no questions asked, no drama, no complaining except by their wallets.
Now I know they are not the same instances and I know that they are not exactly the same type of thing, but I feel that these singular events show something that is and does mean something, Karma and friendship. While Volt could of been in in their right to argue that its not their fault that some idiot rats in a 5 bil isk ship and they would refuse to compensate (and many people who hate faction ratting ships probably would be on their side). While these instances are just singular, there is a consistent pattern from volt and sound in regards to the willingness to compromise and work as a team to better providence. To say it was "just an omen" or "just hotheadedness" is really to insult everyone else in the matter. 
4. Sound are going to be removed, there is no going back, CVA will not change their minds on this because i will not. Sound were good people and i hope that those who wish to stay in providence find a home, however those who are actively shooting cva and allies at current will not and shouldn't be welcomed back. Eve is a big universe and i'm sure they will find something else that they like to do as well.

5 Every Alliance in providence isn't perfect, every pilot in providence isn't either. People have all kinds of previous connotations about other alliances, alliances don't all get along with each other all the time either. However each alliance that is in providence is working towards making those relationships better, and or making their pilots better. While i know that even myself does not get along with everyone in providence we all make small sacrifices to make a unified standing block work. I don't' expect perfection I expect people to get better and learn from mistakes and be willing to compromise and eventually become a better region and place in eve.


  1. Can I have 9-fob back? I'll set up an alliance and invite the vetted sound corps to stay. :)


  2. Very nicely put Equi. :)



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