Saturday, March 15, 2014

Advertisment: Hashu Bounty Services!!

Do your hate your corp mate?  Does that random blue who keeps taking your anomalies piss you off?  Do you really want to bounty that asshole from the next system over but fear the consequences of placing a bounty on a provi-bloc blue?  Well fear no longer!!!

Introducing: Hashu Bounty Services, for just a 5% processing fee, Rovern Hashu will happily place a bounty on any Provi-Bloc member that you wish.  We offer complete anonymity.

How does this works?  Simply send Rovern Hashu money in-game with the words "Bounty:[Character Name you want to Bounty]" in the reason box.  Rovern will than place a bounty on the person of your choice minus the 5% process fee.  (105,000 ISK Minimum, failure to not properly fill out the reason results in a donation to Rovern's personal wallet)


  1. First Bounty Paid Out:

  2. Second and Third Bounties




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