Friday, April 6, 2012

CVA Drama: Aeon Stolen!?

"CVA corp CEO steals Aeon" read the title of a EVE-O General Discussion thread on Friday . . .
Jondar Valador, CEO of Intergalatic Crossing - CVA, recently kicked a corp member of his, Halted, so that he could steal his aeon as it was kept in a corporation POS.

Needless to say after pushing this towards CVA diplomacy they have consistently ignored it and have not taken appropriate action against a pirate organisation within their own ranks, in fact they have allowed it to continue unrestrained.

This goes directly against all that CVA claims to stand against, indeed it is not the only act which strays from what CVA once believed and followed. The incorporation of Drama Llamas into CVA after a substantial payoff by said corp, having pirated the area "protected" by CVA they simply paid CVAs higher ups and joined CVA.

Has CVA truly fallen this low?

Needless to say I advise against anyone with interests in joining Intergalactic Crossing as their leadership will steal from you if possible.
Edit: (Note: Moved to CAOD so you have to log in)

Needless to say our good friend Ospie left out the actual facts behind the incident.  The issue over the Aeon was an unfortunate event over a real life qurral between two friends over a loaned laptop and a debt.  While most of us are not necessarily happy how the issue was handled when you borrow something from someone and refuse to return it, the other person generally will find collateral as is this case.  As mentioned by the CVA executor in this post, CVA will not conduct diplomacy on open forums and all diplomatic issues and incidents should be taken to 'CVA-Diplo" for discussion with a diplomat.  That said, CVA leadership has offered to mediate in this incident to see that each individual's assets are returned.

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