Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Region Concern over SBU incidents

A recent spike in hostile SBU drops in Providence has some senior commanders concerned about possible sov encroachment by third parties.  While often used by hostile forces to provoke fights, the last two SBU drops seem to run counter to conventional wisdom

Monday April 16th saw two separate incidents of hostile SBUs being placed in Providence.  The first incident happened in the North Providence entrance system of G-5EN2 by the 600 man alliance Bringers of Death.  The SBUs were swiftly dispatched by regional security forces (http://kb.cva-eve.org/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=229497http://kb.cva-eve.org/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=229498)  While alone this incident would not spike much interest, the second incident is perceived to be much more serious.

Latter on the 16th the second incident occurred in Catch entrance system D-GTMI, owned by CVA.  This time two SBUs were placed by Gypsie Band.  Both SBUs were killed in under an hour of their placement by a rapid response from local forces (http://kb.cva-eve.org/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=229519http://kb.cva-eve.org/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=229526).  While the exact reasons behind their deployments are unknown, they have been enough to concern senior commanders who are currently establishing contingency plans for worst case scenarios.

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