Monday, April 16, 2012

More Corporation Removals

On April 13th, CVA Shipyards was removed from the Curatores Veritatis Alliance.  The shipyards was a manufacturing project of returnee Lady Grr which was making an effort to supply officially fitted ships to CVA members. 

On April 15th, Khanid Guard was removed from the Curtores Veritatis Alliance.  In an internal memo to the alliance, Executor Equinox stated 

"As per title, [Khanid Guard] was removed due to complete inactivity and no leadership posting in CVA leaders forum.  If any corps want to pick up their members that are active (if any) than feel free to."

This marks the 3rd corporation removed this month for inactivity and the 4th corporation this year.  These 'corporation' losses were offset by a positive gain in membership by the joining of Deep Space Supplies, previously from Care Factor and Paxton Fed, and Drama Llamas, previously of Phobia.

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