Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CVA: Alliance Tournament X Update

Sollana - TLOS Director

In a surprise move CVA nabbed the final tournament spot in the auction the other day.

A statement by TLOS director Sollana stated:

"With all the drama about most alliances not bidding for the last slot available, EQ and Sir Prime, pestered by Sollana and Neddy Fox (team captains) pushed for the last slot.  Bidding started and a Bid of 10 plex was posted, immediately the bid was accepted and bidding was closed.  EQ wants CVA to put all efforts into this venture after the debacle discussion/ argument that ensued over the potential of participation in Faction warfare."

The debacle mentioned in Sollana's statement refers to several internal discussions that appeared on CVA forums during the last month regarding the changes to Faction Warfare and potential for CVA entering the conflict.  Some of the discussion became quite heated, displaying the evident split in positions between many of the old guard with strong loyalists roots and several of the newer major corporations who are firmly nullsecists. While this split has simmered under the surface for several months the faction warfare discussion has forced this to the surface.

With the tournament approaching the FW issue has been officially put on hold as the tourney team ramps up practices and theorycrafting and the alliance begins to focus on preparing for the tournament.  However after the tournament it is anybodies guess how this growing rift will be healed.

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