Monday, May 14, 2012

General Hot Drop Fleet Yields Surprising Sweetness

The now familiar "Fear from Above" fleet yielded surprisingly sweet results today.  Several hours into the op after several previous drops, reports filtered through that Corp 54's home outpost in BR-N97, 54- Full Deck, was being bubble camped by a small Red.Overlord fleet.  The 'Fear" FC decided to intervene and sent scouts, cynos in the general direction of BR but by the time the arrived on the scene a separate combat fleet had already appeared and forced the Red.Overlord to retreat a jump over to their cyno chain system of ERVK-P.  We decided to have the bait play on their outpost to see what we could see.  Of course Red.Overlord undocked two-three battle-cruisers and a Niddy.  At first we thought 'lol' lame station games, until the phoenix and Moros undocked.  Red.Overlord aggressed, the cyno went up, and the Fearacles jumped in.

The dreads continued to stay aggressed as "Fear" jumped in, despite being outnumbered 7-1.  Immediately the BCs were primaried and a drake was killed (the others ran way).  As another friendly fleet entered the battlefield, the primary moved to the Moros as bump orders were given for the Phoenix (whose position allowed for bumping much easier.  The Moros remained aggressed all the way into structure and died before it was allowed to dock.  The Phoenix entered siege as it was bumped out of dock range (WTF?) and than proceeded to glide further out of dock range on its own accord.  Unfortunately the Phoenix self-destructed with around 25% shields remaining.  The Niddy manged to scoop much of the Moros loot (as it died at 0 on the outpost).

"Fear from Above" returned to its perch were, after being scouted by a wolf, proceeded to drop a pirate fleet belonging to the same corporation as the scout after they 'engaged the bait.'  Altogether a successful FEAR fleet.

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