Wednesday, May 16, 2012

HED becomes Freeport, Given to Chribba

At the beginning of May, the outpost in HED-GP was transferred to Chribba's "Otherworld Empire."  Sources confirmed earlier that the outpost is in-fact now a freeport and open to anyone docking.  Rumors report several CVA corporations taking out offices.

What does this mean for HED?  Nothing . . . Everything.  HED will remain one of the most dangerous, heavily camped system in south New Eden.  -A- retain system sovereignty and their jumpbridges remain in system for the 'southern coalition.'  Hosting a freeport, owned by a neutral third party certainly opens potential doors for new types of combat, and provides a staging place for deeper raids into Catch and logistical interference in HED itself.  It will be interesting to see what types of unforseen consequences result from this transfer.

HED KB Page:


Follow UP:
As a follow up EveNews24 leaked a mail from Herculetz to -a- regarding HED and Chribba.

Chribba and HED
From: herculetz
Sent: 2012.05.18 18:28
To: Against ALL Authorities,
Chribba’s efforts to make Eve a better place are both ever-present and legendary at the same time. Many of us use his services in and out of game to enhance their enjoyment of the game. He is the example of everything that is right in Eve. When Chribba came to us and inquired if we might have a system for him, we thought long and hard of how we can create a win-win-win situation that benefits Chribba, benefits Eve, and benefits –A-.
We believe that with power in the game comes responsibility for the game. As a result of our deliberations, we have transferred the ownership of HED-GP station to Chribba’s Alliance. Sovereignty of the HED-GP system remains with –A-. It is Chribba’s intention to open access to HED-GP station to everyone. We support that move as it makes it easier for people in Eve to get into 0.0 space, will foster small gang pvp, and allows others to measure their skills against ours when we are on vacation back home. All we had to do was to give up one out of three system timers.
We consider this a small price to pay for advancing Eve forward and providing Chribba with a new home. We will continue to vigorously defend the sovereignty of HED-GP against all invaders and will protect the station against all changes of ownership without our consent.
Вольный перевод английского техта:
бла блах блах – Chribba супер человек и многое делает в Еве. Мы решили ему помочь, и заодно добавить немножко ПвП в HED. Станция в система передана Chribba, туда смогут логинится нейтралы. Стараемся не играть в “station games”. Если кто-то сильно будет мешать то Chribba стандингс проставит и проблем не должно быть.
В какой-то мере ето показуха, в какой-то нам теперь будет удобнее Chribba найти, а в какойто надеюсь добавит ПвП для нас всех.


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