Tuesday, October 9, 2012

5KG-PY II - The End of the Line (60)

On October 7th, Firestar Inc. opened the newest CVA outpost, "The End of the Line" in the dead end system of 5KG-PY of the QBL pocket.

Reverend Cutter from Deus Fides Empire was once again there to preach and bless the new outpost.

*emote Activates the system wide coms from the small chapel deep in the hull of the Archon class carrier “The Will of God”*
Hello and good day everyone. We are here to bless this, the newest station in Providence number 60! and of course celebrate that once again we have proven that our way of life is the only way that one should live among the stars.  Happy in obedience to God, The Empress, the Theology Council, CVA, the Holders and our system of NRDS. These things are of course the legs or columns if you will, of which our way of life is built.  The call of reclaiming illuminates my heart every single day that I breathe and for sure that must be your goal also.  Service to God the Empire and the Empress is what we all strive for, whether you are Amarrian, Caldari, Gallente, or Minmatar!
We are showing today that we have reclaimed this space for the Empire and the Empress, for God and of course for the Holder union of alliances. We are doing what God has commanded us to do.  "I give to you the destiny of Faith, And you will bring its message to every planet of every star in the heavens:Go forth, conquer in my Name, and reclaim that which I have given."- The Scriptures, Book of Reclaiming 22:13
What does this mean for you?  As we all know, we live in trying times right now. We have seen great upheavals in the large coalitions of the north and the south of us, but I can tell you now in our present situation that we are profiting from these times.  They teach us to trust our Ways, humble ourselves before God, and the Empress, to turn with unfeigned Repentance and Praise GOD in every system we have.  God’s judgments, given to us through the Empress and the Council show us that no other way of life or system of determining who is hostile works, or is even worthy of our attention.
Maybe you do not believe me?  CONSULT your Conscience, and then tell me---Should we not hearken to the Voice of God, speaking to us in his Judgments, and calling us to our destiny of reclaiming?  Can we look for his Favor or Pardon, if we stop now or change our trusted ways?  Or expect his Blessing, if the Cry of our Sins continues to enter his Ears? Would it be right in us to repeat or multiply our Transgressions, when all that is dear to us, or valuable in this universe, is at Stake?
I TRUST that these Considerations will sink deep in our Minds, and produce suitable Effects.
Let us not defeat his gracious Designs to reclaim and save us all.  Sincerely lamenting our past Sins, which have been committed against the clearest Light, the dearest Love, and the most transcendent Mercy,  let us prostrate ourselves before God, implore his Pardon and then by his Grace, to amend hereafter, to worship him, and walk devoutly only in his Ways, do only his bidding so that eternal God, be ascribed immortal Praise, Glory, and Dominion, henceforth, and for evermore.

This marks the 60th Outpost to be constructed in the region of Providence.

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