Monday, October 15, 2012

The 54th strengthen their Catch Holdings

With the falling of the main Red.Overlord systems and the mass evacuation of their assets from Null Sec, WildCard Trek of Corp 54 saw a potential opportunity to acquire the catch system of ERVK-P for Operation Deliverance.  After receiving official blessing, Wildcard approached the R.OL corporation who owned ERVK-P and offered to purchase the system (paying for the TCU and IHUB).  ERVK-P had served R.OL and other Southern Coalition alliances as a cyno chain link, providing a vital link for deep south entities to low-sec.

After quick negotiations the owning corporation in Red.Overlord agreed and on the 9th of October dropped sovereignty and seeded the TCU and IHUB to Corp 54 of CVA.  Within hours of the onlining process being started, north catch entity Cha Ching PLC took notice and began to interfere.  First by starting the online procedure on a TCU of their own in system and by bringing a 30-40 man drake fleet into system to begin engaging the 54th TCU.  Providence forces formed immediately with CVA fielding an armor oracle fleet and -7- deploying a reinforcing drake fleet.  Opting to travel conventionally instead of by the accustomed titan bridge, CVA forces arrived in system and drove the Cha Ching forces from the CVA tcu where they had been attempting to incapacitate a warp disruptor on the guarding POS.

The combined Providence forces quickly routed Cha Ching, inflicting over twenty causalities for now losses.  (  Several hours latter Cha Ching made a second attempt at disrupting the onlining process of the TCU and were similarly beaten (  After these two engagements the TCU and IHUB were safely onlined and the system secured, increasing the 54ths holdings in Catch to three systems.

ERVK: Update station was flipped at the end of October 16th.  System fully under CVA control now.

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