Wednesday, October 17, 2012

KOS Clarification Announcment: Tribal Liberation Front

The following statement was published on the Public Notices section of theCitadel forums and refers to the Minmatar npc milita corporation which is receiving special status that exempts it from the normal npc corporation rules.

As a clarification for an incident from last night in North Provi Intel:
The minmatar npc milita corporation, Tribal LIberation Force, is to be treated as a player corporation in the case of KOS questions. 
This means that players in a non milia npc corporation whose previous corporation was TLF ARE considered KOS.  This ruling is based on the fact that joining TLF is a decision of the pilot.  That, coupled with the fact that all Minmatar milita members are considered KOS means that even in a non milita npc corporation, if the previous corporation was the TLF, you judge KOS status on that and not on the actual previous player corporation
Current Corporation [NPC Corp]
Previous Corporation [Minmatar Milita NPC Corp (Tribal Liberation Front)]  (This makes the individual KOS Until they join a new non kos player corporation)
Previous Previous Corporation [Neutral/Blue Player Corporation]

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