Tuesday, October 2, 2012

G7AQ-7; The Fall of Genesis Invictus

Early this morning TETIC recovered the system G7AQ-7 whose sovereignty had been dropped by Holder Genesis Invictus.  Rumors of potential trouble within the alliance had been forthcoming for some time.  Regional participation had taken a noticeable decline in the last months with little to no intel being reporting from G7, a vital crossroads system at the entrance to the QBL pocket.  Several inquiries into the status of the alliance had been forthcoming from high-ranking TETIC members who own two of the three neighboring systems and had noted the security hole stemming from G7AQ-7.

After the sov. drop in G7 it is reported that ZombieFX, leader of Umbrella Chemical Inc. booted the remaining corporations from Genesis Invictus and closed the alliance down.  While not confirmed it is believed that some GNS members will be joining TETIC who now hold sovereignty in G7AQ-7.  Holders and Providence entities are reminded to remove standings to the now closed Genesis Invictus alliance.

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