Sunday, September 16, 2012

3GX Station Deployed (Outpost 59)

September 16th, 2012

Silent Infinity [AFK] is pleased to announce the birth of our latest office outpost in 3GX-FU.  This Gallente facility has an upgradeable number of office slots with fitting, reprocessing, factory, cloning, repair and other basic services.  

This outpost is named after the historical Arch Of Constantine in Rome that is inscribed with the words instinctu divinitatis ("inspired by the divine") and is heavily decorated with fragments of older monuments significant to achievements of struggles overcome.

Many thanks to the following who made this possible:

  • Magic Crisp the builder of the facility and his corporation Amarrian Micro Devices [-AMD-], who obviously enjoys building the tiniest of EVE’s devices, making this their second outpost completion.

  • Knights Introna, CEO of Space Underground [SUPNY] the corporation that fully funded this project and retains ownership of the outpost, making office rentals open and available to all blues.

  • Rin Tomoko, CEO of Order of the Golden Lobster [OGLOB], system owner of 3GX-FU, for providing needed system services to facilitate the build.

  • Our friends and allies in CVA for the support given to us to aid in our growth and development.  
  • Veldspar miners all over Providence and Domain.

Moons are freely available to blues with advance permission.  Neutrals must apply to be blue before consideration.  Please contact Raely, executor of Silent Infinity [AFK] about moon availability and standings by evemail with your request.

From the outpost owner:

“Our corporation will strive to make this station the fuel depot for the alliance and our neighbors to aid those who maintain Player Owned Stations by offering and encouraging the sale of fuel blocks.  We hope that this will make your game time more enjoyable without having to worry about the constant refueling of your towers.  We also will offer buy orders for many different Planetary Materials to help you avoid having to haul these items out of the region.  We are here to support our friends and feedback is always welcome.”  - Knights Introna

Press Release from Silent Infinity over the construction of Providence's newest outpost. (Thankyou Tasha)


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