Monday, September 10, 2012

Unicomplex One (Outpost 57)

Almost a month ago saw the construction of a new outpost in 08Z-JJ in orbit of Planet XI.  The 57th Outpost in Providence and the third outpost owned by Apocalypse Now.  The construction of this Caldari Outpost will help boost manufacturing and research in the area.  After its construction, the new outpost was blessed by Clergyman Rorin Cutter, Co-CEO of Deus Fides Empire of the Curatores Veritatis Alliance.

"People often ask me about Operation Deliverance and what it means for Providence. Well we not only want to bring about and enforce Amarrian rule of law in providence and the surrounding lowsec systems, but we also want to Increase economic development and prosperity as well as Stabilize and strengthen the systems in the 0.0 area. This is what has happened today! You have done well friends. Please bow your heads: 
"The word of the Lord is pure,It is a shield for the faithful,Brought unto men by the Angels,As a guiding light in the darkness "
- The Scriptures, Book of the Prophet Anoyia, 8:15
Oh God Bless this station in your name! Give us the strength to reclaim every system in your name  oh Lord! For we are your people, your retribution incarnate, and your angels of vengeance, and we will for sure overcome in your name! Amarr Victor Brothers and Sisters! and well done!"
A than kyou to Sienna from Apocalypse Now. for the blessings logs and construction notification.  Apologizes for the delay in this release. 

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