Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Eternal Evocations Moving On . . .

This past week saw Providence lose one of its holders.  After internal deliberations the membership of Eternal Evocations decided that they would like to try something else and to leave Providence.  After a peaceful evacuation E.E handed over their sovereignty.

With the loss of E.E Providence is experiencing a bit of a shuffle of the current holders and the introduction of a new holder.  Long-term NRDS extremists and Providence residents, Yulai Federation are moving into the bulk of Eternal Evocations systems, taking control of XHQ and the entire JEIV-E pocket.  Silent Infinity have inherited the H-GKI6 system within their pocket which had previously been E.Es.  And finally the alliance 'Of Sound Mind' has joined the ranks of Providence Holders and have been given the E.E system of 9-fob and the -7- system of 4B-NQN.

Currently it is planned for Yulai's previous systems to go to CVA, at least temporarily.  Potentially we may be introducing a new holder and Apocalypse Now. are likely to receive a system or two however no concrete plans or decisions have currently been made.

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