Sunday, September 30, 2012

Silent Infinity Celebrates its 2nd Year Anniversary

Silent Infinity celebrated its second year anniversary this weekend with prizes and fun in its refinery system YQB-22 this weekend.  Originally hailing from the Sukanan constellation in Tash-Murkon where they had developed strong relations with elements of the Curatores Veritatis Alliance which also originated in the Sukanan, Silent Infinity were given several systems in North-Central Providence this year by the CVA, joining the ranks of the Providence Holders.  Since they AFK have built up their space, including two new outposts in YQB-22 and 3GXF-U.

This weekend saw the celebration of AFK's second year Anniversary, including a cruiser tournament and the giving out of over 5 Billion ISK worth of prizes and rewards.

AFK Combat Award Recipients 2011-2012

Top Killers (8)
Members in the alliance more than one year ranking highest on the killboard.  Each of the Top 8 Killers is receiving a Tier 3 Battlecruiser with fittings for fleet doctrine.
Nero Draconian - Magic Crisp - republicov - Boom Tucker - Darthoreo - Tolidobob - Ryzig - Jay Loftus

New Killers This Year (8)
Members in the alliance less than one year ranking highest on the killboard.  Each of the New Killers This Year is receiving a Tier 1 Battlecruiser with fittings for fleet doctrine.
dementia fitth - ivan stoner - Manila Plague - Gordane - Shock Fist - Red Marllboro - Lordan Endericcson - Nemiza

Combat Veterans (16)
Members in the alliance with the most participation in stealth bomber fleets.  Each of the Combat Veterans is receiving a Stealth Bomber with fittings for fleet doctrine.
Anastasius Steiner - ablazetrogdor -  Juan Thang - Brick Tanner - Gecko Hareka - Aeryn Zarniwoop - Rin Tomoko - Scarlet Number - travasty space - Bad Pinup - Silverspar Smoke - Sir Binks - Scamald Calore - TASHA DIABOLIQUE - Otto Durako - Demon Blackstar

AFK Cruiser Tournament Winners
1st Place: Silverspar Smoke, CEO of Pilots of Epic [Pilot]

2nd Place: Brick Tanner, Member of Old American Syndicate [OASY]

3rd Place: Ryzig, Member of Forging Industries [FORG]

Best Fights - Dairkia, Jay Loftus
Best Fit - Juan Thang
Worst Fit - QuantaXtreme


  1. Flying around in Provi
    Someone ask me
    "Hey anon, do you know those AFK ppl?"
    "Yeah, what's it to ya?"
    "They are pretty awesome"
    "I know, but they are never there when I try to reach them"
    Read this post
    Anon is impressed again with prize money

  2. Great fun this weekend! Thanks to all the folks who came out to enter and watch. Some very nice fights were definitely had.

    Our tourney prizes for the placing winners were as follows:

    1st place: Cynabal + Stabber Fleet Issue + Daredevil + 300mil
    2nd place: Phantasm + Succubus + 200mil
    3rd place: Dramiel + Caldari Naby Hookbill + 100mil
    Best and Worst Fit: Republic Fleet Firetails
    Best Fights: Imperial Navy Slicers

    This years tournament concluded the weekend festivities. Congratulations to the winners of both the tournament and the anniversary combat awards.

  3. The people want to see more of Ryzig!


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