Monday, September 24, 2012

Eternal Evocations set KOS after Raven does complete Reset

On Saturday the 22nd of September, relations between x-holder Eternal Evocations and the Providence Bloc turned sour quickly.

At 13:58 a roaming fleet comprised of Providence residents engaged and destroyed a [-E.E-] Thrasher in Catch at the orders of their FC.  Five hours latter elements of [-E.E-] participated in the destruction of an A-Clinic Hurricane in Sendaya, Derelik.  Within Provibloc there were moves to reprimand the Providence pilots involved in the thrasher loss and KOS requests over the hurricane kill were at least initially denied because the incident happened in Derelik and not Providence*.  There were also offers to make the Provibloc FC pay for the thrasher loss.

However all attempts to negotiate with Raven and return relations to normalicy was stonewalled

[19:50:18] Raven Shadows > i think you guys jsut want to set kos regardless lol ..  if i run nbsi ..and i stay otu of provi ..but you guys roam into my space ..we defend ourselvs set us kos ..p
[19:50:39] Raven Shadows > anyway yea ill just talk to eq
And than negotiations got ugly.
[19:53:18] JedsZero  UrhoKekkonen because of this u get wardecked if my wallet is not blinking soon
[19:53:24] JedsZero > someoen better get them to back down...
[19:54:07] Raven Shadows > over a cane lsos ?
[19:54:29] Raven Shadows > im still waiting for compinsation for my guys loss today ..
[19:54:30] JedsZero > apparantly...
[19:54:33] Raven Shadows > yiou knwo what
[19:54:35] Raven Shadows > fuck this
[19:54:39] Raven Shadows > remove all ee from all your channels
[19:54:45] JedsZero > I told him to not do that
[19:54:46] Raven Shadows > FULL REST AS OF RIGHT NOW
[19:54:49] Raven Shadows > fuck all of you
[19:54:52] Raven Shadows > bye
And so, as of now, Eternal Evocations are full KOS.  Provi Bloc people are free to engage them wherever found.  Sadly diplomacy doesn't work all the time.

*Side note, I note that technically Sendaya is in Derelik and therefore part of the Amarr Empire and therefore does qualify for KOS requests which are suppose to be restricted to incidents in Providence, the Amarr Empire, Wormhole Space, and ProviBloc controlled systems in Catch.


  1. As former Holder-Alliance co-exec this I know this KOS-requesting is completely wrong and not transparent at all...
    But this KOS was to be expect, although a good effort from Raven and CVA to preserve the friendship, unfortunately other holders tend to fuck up as usual.

    To Raven... well done good diplo work... feel free to stay in J6QB-P for the time being and contact me ingame if you need any help .


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