Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hashu Blog: Burn Out/Tanks/Outside Eve?

So some of you may have noticed my disappearance lately.  Fear not I still am here, just suffering from a bit of burn out that I tend to go through rather regularly these days.  This latest bit started at the beginning of October and came into full force during the last two weeks.  As a few personal friends and corp mates may know, i'm a bit of a anime fiend so I can often disappear for a few days to marathon a show (or catch up on airing stuff).  Alas October was the beginning of the Autumn 2012 airing season and this year its loaded with good titles (always willing to talk about anime if anyone is interested, just hit me up in-game).  One of the shows, Girls und Panzer has similar mechanics to World of Tanks which resulted in me spending two weeks grinding out my KV-1 crew to 100%.  In combination with work this meant I disappeared a bit and there hasn't been any news reporting.  That will be getting fixed this coming week as I return to fuel POS' etc so hang in there.

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