Monday, December 24, 2012

(61) Basilica of Maxentius Finishes Completion Ahead of Schedule

The Amarr Outpost "Basilica of Maxentius" was opened for business on December 20th, 2012.  Several days ahead of the previously announced schedule.  Tasha Diabolique of Silent Infinity made a press release

Silent Infinity [AFK] is pleased to announce the birth of our latest factory outpost in H-GKI6.  This Amarr Manufacturing facility has an upgradeable number of build slots with fitting, factory, cloning, and repair basic services.  
This outpost is named after the historical Basilica of Maxentius in Rome which was the largest building in the Roman Forum using the most advanced engineering characteristics.
Many thanks to the following who made this possible:
  • Magic Crisp the builder of the facility, his director Aeryn Zarniwoop, and his corporation Amarrian Micro Devices [-AMD-], who obviously enjoys building the tiniest of EVE’s devices.  Amarrian Micro Devices members who hauled slaves (yes slaves) for the glory of the Amarrian empire to complete the build.  This third outpost build project completion was temporarily named “Another Micro Device” at birth.

  • Knights Introna, CEO of Space Underground [SUPNY] the corporation that fully funded this project and retains ownership of the outpost.

  • Our friends and allies in CVA for the support given to us to aid in our growth and development.

  • Veldspar miners all over Providence and Domain.

Moons are freely available to blues with advance permission.  Neutrals must apply to be blue before consideration.  Please contact Raely, executor of Silent Infinity [AFK] about moon availability and standings by evemail with your request.

Magic Crisp also had several comments on the completed outpost...

This one went well, no messing up, no adventures, apart from sneaking freighters through KBP with reds, all around a good job.
With the completion of this outpost, 61 of Providence's 84 systems now have outposts.

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  1. >>be Dec 21st
    >>log into Eve
    >>"Hey anon, did you know there is a station in H-G now?"
    >>check it out, another Amarr victor
    >>be impressed


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