Monday, December 10, 2012

Hashu Blog: EN24 Rebutal

On December 7th Riverini released a poorly investigated 'the sky is crumbling' piece on CVA quoting two FC farewell speaches and a short bit from this site.  While I'm sure his intent was 'informative to the general public' in nature his three sentence analysis were far flung and misleading.

CVA/Providence Coalition has lost its lead FC’s (EU TZ Hidetoshi Rushd and US TZ Tyrus Tenebros) in a period of a month due to internal drama. With these two instigators gone, CVA is crumbling.   ~ Riverini, EN24

 First and most important to understand is the loss of Tyrus was a radically different and probably much deeper loss to CVA and the region.  Tyrus has been a CVA member for over four and a half years and was the driving factor in the rebuilding of the Celestial Janissaries after the 'disappearance' of its CEO, Lonewolfnight.  He has been instrumental over the last year in getting some organization set up during the US TZ on the part of CVA who have since their inception been a heavy EU tz alliance.  His and the loss of Rory, another active US TZ CJ FC as well as Garreck, famous for the development of 'in action' roleplay and as the first non-ammarian character to become a member of CVA.  These are not new people brushing up against 'old guard' as some would like people to believe, but they themselves are old guard looking for a different pasture after numerous years.

A lot can be said about Hidetoshi leaving.  As a bloc level FC with experience he was most definitely a important FC to the coalition.  He helped develop an independent reimbursement program and along with Danny John-Peter and the 'old guard FC's" that people like to blame helped refine todays fleet doctrines.  However, Hidetoshi struggled with not being 'incharge' and when the one or two people who could overrule him in strategic decisions did or when he was internally criticized by people other than himself he would cause problems (Which honestly fits right in with the other CVA FCs).  The final straw for Hidetoshi was an internal rebutal for trying to pick a fight with a powerful third entity when PL/TEST activity was rapidly rising and he was told no.

The loss of both FCs is felt, both by CVA and the powerbloc at large.  However these events are no evidence of a failscade or a crumbling of the Alliance.  CVA has been around since November of 2004, with over 8 years of history we have gone through many cycles and many staffing losses over the years.  Policies have changed, faces have changed, enemies have changed, but CVA has continued to survive and while not always in the best manner, has continued to adapt to the environment around it.  Already several individuals, some new faces, others old, have stepped up to fill in the holes left by our departing friends.  The sky is not falling, the world is not crumbling, things are simply evolving.

~ Rovern Hashu, Imperial Dreams CEO, Curatores Veritatis Alliance

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  1. Only problem with the Evenews24 post, is wildcard thinks hes the new messiah.... the next few months are gonna be intesresting :P


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