Sunday, December 16, 2012

Deus Fides Empire Service Award YC114 ceremony

Deus Fides Empire Service Award YC114 ceremony
The Deus Fides Empire Corporation

The Deus Fides Empire Service Award Ceremony will be officiated today by Lady Helena Aqua caerule CEO of Deus Fides Empire and Head of the House Aqua caerule .
The Deus Fides Empire Service Award is meant to show appreciation by the Corporation to the Pilots who have helped deliver over 1000 kills, quality service and who can be exemplified by all others in the ministry, the alliance, the NRDS coalition, as well as the common person on the street in any city on any planet in Amarrian Providence.

A total of 65 pilots of the Deus Fides Empire: all faithful servants of the Empress, the Empire, and God, will receive this award today. Three of the pilots Eddie Metal, HeadwarP, and Darus Thorn, have also received cash prizes totaling to three hundred million isk. This is of course for being on the 1000th killmail for the corporation.
Captain Rorin Cutter will in his speech, urge the DFE. staff to think outside the box, to be creative and innovative and to strengthen their skills through continuous learning and knowledge as well as continually honing the fighting ability that this corporation shows all so well every single day. This in turn will help transform the service to Amarrian goals and achieving of Deus Fides Empire ultimate goal of becoming a corporation of warriors, priests as well as industry pilots together and working to Gods will, into a glorious reality. He will also emphasize on the aspects of discipline and integrity, a quality that each and every pilot must possess in order to determine the success of this great organization.

Deus Fides Empire,
Northern Providence Seminary, QR-K85 III
16 December YC114
We at Provi News wish to congragulate the DFE Service Award recipents for YC114!
Initial announcement made in Providence Zone, the Citadel Forums by Rorin Cutter. 

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