Wednesday, December 5, 2012

November Reviewed: Increased HBC Activity in Providence

The last several weeks has seen a lot of excitement, action, and bruised nerves as South Providence has seen a heightened presence of HBC activity.

Things started at the beginning of November with several attempts by Tribal and friends to hit 4th Districts Neo moon in Ziriert.  The first initial assaults were defeated by Providence Coalitions in for the most part overwhelming wins but the tide turned when HBC jumped the repair fleet after the last Tribal hit on November 18th, destroying the POS and replacing it with a Tribe one.  Providence forces began pinging and incapping modules over the next few days before reinforcing the POS.  The POS came out in late US tz on the 23rd and when Providence only managed to turn up with 40-50 man fleet, they decided to try to skirmish with naga's instead of using a heavy doctrine to face the 150+ HBC man fleet.

After a bit of roundabout smacking and shitposting by various affiliated and unaffiliated individuals on the Kugutsumen forums, Providence rudely awakened a few days latter to a PL tower in the TETIC system of FSW.

On November 29th PL SBUed FSW resulting in the loss of two PL carriers and several thrashers.  On December 3rd PL once again SBUed FSW resulting in a BC flight between several Provi BC fleets and a HBC drake fleet.  The SBUs (the PL ones and the CVA ninja'ed SBU) were all destroyed.

On top of the hostile POS and SBUing several CVA jumpbridges have been incapped several times by PL supercapitals.  While the disruption to travel in Providence has been for the most part fairly minor, it is cause for concern as PL supercapital activity in Providence continues to grow.

As of right now Residents are advised to be wary of moving expensive cargo and ships through the jumpbridge networks and to utilize intel channels heavily when they do to avoid unnecessary losses.

Killboard Links:

4th Tower Loss (Note battlereport is messy as its combining the tribal fight with the HBC hit an hour latter)

Nov 29th FSW SBU Fight

Dec 3rd FSW SBU Fight

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