Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 10th Report

December 10th saw several important engagements across Providence and Lower Domain.

A Hellcat fleet was formed to assault the Tribal NEO moon in Ziriert but ran into problems forming up when the staging system in Providence was camped by a 100 man HBC Sniper Oracle fleet.  After some maneuvering the HBC fleet was lured over to i7s, allowing the fleet to fully form back in d-gtmi.  Using cruiser tackle, the Hellcat fleet than manged to engage the oracles in I7S.  After skirmishing the Oracles pulled out and were pipebombed by an unrelated RnK fleet a few jumps latter.

After the I7S engagement the Hellcat fleet moved on to its primary mission, the Tribal Neo POS in Ziriert.  While the POS was destroyed several of the modules became bugged, retaining their 99% resists that they receive in reinforcement mode even with he tower itself destroyed.  This forced the fleet to sit in Ziriert for over an hour, waiting for CCP GMs to fix the issue so that 4th could erect their own POS.  During this time Fleet Command was handed off to another FC.

Beyond this point the information I personally have is a bit sketchy.  For some reason the Hellcat fleet was titan bridged to 9uy were they engaged a PL Rohk fleet.  Out gunned and outmaneuvered, PL manage to severely cripple the Providence Hellcat fleet who were forced to withdraw.

I7S Killreport:
RnK Pipebomb in G7 Report:

Ziriert Kill Report:

9UY Killreport:

Information on first two fights provided by internal BR by Ladel Teravada from 4th District

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