Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Good Bye Tyrus Tenebros

Early this morning, Tyrus Tenebros, a major US TZ FC from CVA announced his planned withdrawal from Celestial Jannisaries and CVA in the Holder section of theCitadel Forums.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
 It is with some reservation that I announce that I will be leaving Curatores Veritatis Alliance and the providence region to move on to an organization in Syndicate.
After the New Eden Open, I have decided to join Stimulus in Rote Kapelle.  Some of the veterans of this region may recognize them as historic enemies of CVA, but at current they are far from our AO and have respect for our more well known fighters.  They are dedicated and highly skilled PvPers and I look forward to causing havoc with them. [...]

The loss of Tyrus as the senior CVA US timezone FC levels a serious blow on CVA US timezone activities   What his loss will mean for the attempted rebuilding of Celestial Jannisaries after the withdrawal of Lonewolfnight remains to be seen.  Current rumors also have several other prominent US timezone CVA and CJ members following with Tyrus including Garreck (AMDEF/TLOS) and Rory Pruzis (CJ) but this has yet to be confirmed.

We, the Hashu Family, wish Tyrus and those leaving the best of luck with their future Eve-Online endeavors    You guys will be sorely missed.

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  1. Who will pull range on NApocs with Abaddons now?


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