Monday, November 12, 2012

CVA wishes two of its own the best of Luck as they move on.

This week saw two prominent CVA FC's move on.

Danny John-Peter
Danny John-Peter of The Legion of Spoon announced earlier this week that his Thursday TWEEED fleet would be his last fleet as a member of CVA.  Danny is taking a break in Sebiestor Tribe before joining a wormhole corporation with some friends.  We wish Danny the best of luck with his new carebearing career in unknown space.  As a FC and member of CVA Danny was instrumental in helping organize our fittings section on theCitadel forums and keeping doctrine information up to date for the alliance and the region as a whole.

Hidetoshi Rushd
On Saturday Hidetoshi Rushd of Pentag Blade announced that his Fast n Furious fleet would be his last fleet.  Hidetoshi is leaving us for 4S corporation in Razor Alliance.  Hidetoshi has been an extremely active and energetic FC who helped with the formation and running of the regional Reimbursement program that was run with Phineas Freak of TETIC.  He also was a major factor in the creation and development of fittings and doctrines that the region has adopted. We wish Hidetoshi best of luck with his new path.

These two will greatly be missed as they made major contributions to the region and we thank both of them for the time they gave us.

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