Monday, November 12, 2012

IG Mini-Campaign

At the beginning of November a member of Imperial Dreams had his alt-corps low-sec miner POS attacked by local pirates Impending Judgement and Axiomatic Dominion.  After repairing the POS with a Welpest fleet on stand-bye Providence Holders went to issue punishment, only to find the Impending Judgement cobalt POS already reinforced (It was latter confirmed to have been reinforced by another local KOS group).   Upset at not being able to reinforce the POS, we settled for returning when it came out and made sure it was destroyed (  Impending Judgement quickly replaced their small tower with a large Minmatar Tower.  This was found unacceptable and promptly reinforced by a large hellcat fleet supporting a capital wing.  While the timer was not good, Providence Holder forces were successful in destroying the tower (  The capstone to this mini-revenge campaign in the end was not a result of Imperial Dreams but of our friends who were baiting in Gemodi.  While the bait carrier was lost Friendly forces were successful in destroying a Moros class dreadnought (

Altogether over the past week Impending Judgement and Axiomatic Dominion received 4-5 Billion isk, mostly as the result of a response for the assault on IG's alt corp.

Imperial Dreams would like to thank the Provi Holders and allies who helped in the reinforcement fleets and in the POS kill fleets.

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