Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In Response to the Mittani

In the article 'What's Going on Down South?" by Baghei posted on TheMittani, several comments were made involving CVA and the Provi Bloc.

Meanwhile, TEST’s Montolio and diplomatic team were hard at work making sure that -A- could not easily escape North through CVA space by conducting secret negotiations that led to CVA being promised ¼ of Catch to box in –A-.

In response Equinox Daedalus released an internal memo and a comment on theMittani denying these comments.

Well being as I'm the XO of cva its news to me : ).

TLDR - only merits/convo's with people in test as far as i'm aware were in regards to retaining our agreements with regards to "new" next door neighbors along the same lines we had with -A-.

CVA as an alliance strives to maintain our NRDS tenants as well as our goal of Operation Deliverance in providence, be it through diplomatic means or force if needed.

I'd assume if we had some sort of arrangement to drive -A- out of catch TEST and their associates wouldn't be removing CVA assets from providence on a regular basis that would only make it more difficult for us to do any task along those lines.

The Provi bloc runs a rather strict policy of neutrality in all major conflicts of New Eden.  While we are not above working with KOS entities for individual incidents (Goons Vrs -A- Dreads in HED, Goons vrs Tri in 09, IT vrs Provi Squatters, etc.) we try very hard to stay out of larger conflicts and to provide a place for people to fly and live without getting involved.

The agreement referenced but Equinox was a no-sov warfare agreement which was limited to not dropping SBUs and assaulting sov structures such as TCUs, IHUBs, and outposts.  Generally JB infrastructure was also not touched although there was an incident or two involving cyno jammers.

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