Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trouble in Voltland?

As many are aware, there was a bit of excitement last week in North Providence.  Last weekend, Snigwaffe reinforced a CSAA pos in the Volition Cult's system of SI-I89, prompting several days of CTAs, counter sieges, and fights.

The inital fight on the 28th saw the POS being reinforced with a rather evenish subcapital fight (

On the 29th a neutral staging POS that provibloc had reinforced came out of Ref and was very quickly dismantled by a major Provibloc CTA (

Things came to a finale on the 30th when the CSAA came out.  Around 15:00 another staging Pos was destroyed (  Provi forces locked down the system with the newly installed cynojammer and a heavily bubbled entrance.  However hostiles brought a signficantly larger force.  With 150-170 hostile Fox-cat fleet using massed logis instead of triage carriers, they quickly forced the Provibloc fleet off the field and destroyed the csaa pos.  What was actually in build changes depending on the rumor one hears.  While a nyx bpc was reported to have been dropped by the csaa the report from the owners (that I am aware of) was that the supercarrier in build was a wyvern.  Regardless the loss was felt by the owners and our sympathies go out the the owner.

Despite the loss of the CSAA good fights were had.  The Volition Cult extends it's thanks to all those who helped participate in the attempted defense.

Hi guys. I just wanted to pass on my thanks for your support of  VC and VOLT in SI on Tuesday. Your effort and losses were appreciated by all. Good to know we have friends who will try to help even though the enemy can be overwhelming.  It will be an honour to fly with you all in the future.
~Goggles Deudigren, Volition Cult, The Volition Cult, TheCitadel Forums:Allied Discussion 

More importantly, those who failed to show up have been noted.

Edit Note: Thank you to the anon commenter who correct my mistake, hostiles were in foxcats, not slowcats (slow cats = sentry carriers foxcats= navy apocs).  Too many cats I say!


  1. Hey Rovern, you should learn your cats before you start trying to talk about fights. Slowcats = sentry carriers. Navy apocs = Foxcats. And now for the RP signoff... Death to CVA etc etc etc.

    1. Thank You! Post corrected, I had a odd feeling when I was typing that I would get it wrong, should have double checked.


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