Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Standing Slot Petition

Yulai Federation have started a forum petition requesting CCP to increase the standings limit from 2600 which it is currently at to 10,000.  Currently the ProviBloc Kos list is over 2600 and we have had quite a few instances of KOS individuals and corporations not being set red because we simply have no standings slots available for them.  CVA is well known for being very  hesitant to grant blue status to anyone for specifically this issue.

Don't believe me when I say how long our standings list is?  Check out a snapshot of our standing list on eveskunk, dated from October 16th.

Umiea from Yulai Guard 1st Fleet is requesting that people respond to the thread supporting the request.  For those who are lazy the following is provided for you to copy paste:

CCP please could you help us, we really need you to accept this.
It becomes urgent as we can't set up any other standing tag.
Please forward this thread to the concern person. " developers / directors "
That would be a very nice Xmas gift.
We really thank you for your consideration.

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  1. i spoke with Trebor Daehdoow during the election for this current CSM about this very issue, and he said that he couldnt see any problems about getting it done.

    it might just have been a campaign promise, but try to ask him about it?


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